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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   AC439
    Just found this web site and couldn't believe I spent 2.5 hrs to finish reading this one thread. Here's my story:

    I thought I was the only one jumping the IT Titanic but seems like there are quite a few of us doing the same. I have been in IT for 17 years and can't do it anymore. I'm so sick and tired of it. I regret that I have put too much effort building my IT career (which doesn't pay off). I earned my BS Comp sci, all my IT networking certs (Microsoft, Novell, Cisco) by self study. Even my prime time was working in Microsoft supporting SMS, being rank the world's top 20 in supporting this system and writing Knowledge base articles, I still can't get job satisfaction. Moreover, the job security is next to zero and I don't understand why people still quote computer as one of the fast growing jobs.

    At this time, I'm not a nursing student yet but will be starting Micro in two weeks. My goal is to CLEP in all the general subjects within the next three months as well as getting all my pre-reqs completed before the nursing school application in Aug 04. People think I'm crazy but I was trained in Microsoft that the sky is my limit. If I had done over 20 certification tests all by myself and hitting 90 percentile, I should be able to do the same on CLEP.

    In response to one post about being teasted as gay as a male nurse, it is sad that this is the wrong perception of the general public. I'm a male figure skater and the hockey guys teast us. The sport (in this case, nursing career) is neutral. It's just the deep root burried under people's mind that something is tagged either as "male" or "female", and the tag seems to last forever.

    I also just passed my CNA and currently not working (waiting for the cert). But I enjoyed my clinicals during CNA school much more than any of my previous IT days. I missed those residents I had a chance to work with.

    Great site and great thread !
  2. by   agent
    Thanks for sharing and good luck to you.

    I agree with you 1000%
  3. by   nurseguy74
    another guy here. graduated in 03 from LPN, graduating in 04 with ASN, then probably onto bachelor's program and beyond. i believe that eventually there will be a closer to equal ratio of men to women. we are in one of the most stable professions in existence and once people realize this, we will see more people making career changes. While corporations fall and recession rears its ugly head and leaves thousands jobless, we will always need nurses to give that caring touch to those in need. I definitely believe males are as capable of being caring and nurturing as our female counterparts.
    Take care, Chris
  4. by   piper_for_hire
    Fifty-fifty? Whoa! I agree that we will see an influx of men and the numbers will increase, but I doubt that it will reach 50% anytime soon. I think we may see the overall climb to about 10% in the next few years.

  5. by   MtnMan
    I doubt us 30 somethings will see 50-50 by the time we retire!

    BTW my 9 year old told her class I was a doctor and she didn't know why iI was in nursing school. Personally I don't know a whole lot of DR.s driving 1984 Honda Civics!!:roll :roll
  6. by   agent
    kids say the darndest things!

    got my bio book off amazon used books.. that worked well.

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  7. by   AC439
    Originally posted by MtnMan
    BTW my 9 year old told her class I was a doctor and she didn't know why iI was in nursing school. Personally I don't know a whole lot of DR.s driving 1984 Honda Civics!!:roll :roll

    One day in my CNA clinical, I was the last one to leave the nursing home because I stayed behind and asked my instructor questions. When I walked out alone to the parking lot (still with my green scrub on), a resident and his wife approached me and asked if I were a doctor. I gracefully told them that I wish I were and I was only a CNA student. If they would hold for just 2 more seconds and see my old car, they would have not ask this question.

    - AC
  8. by   U_South_Al_RN2B
    Add one more male to the pot. I'm one of 5 males in a class that is now down to 38. We've lost 1 male and 9 females through 3 semesters of nursing school with 2 more to go. The one good thing is that every teacher knows your name.
  9. by   agent
    I wouldnt mind a small class size either.
  10. by   tdg_rn
    I had my hospital orientation today and out of about 80 students, there were 16 of us guys. So far it is a college record!

  11. by   piper_for_hire
    I was told to expect close to 50% percent male enrollment. It seems there's a larger proportion of men in the "accelerated" programs. Anybody else seeing a higher percentage of men in the accelerated programs?

  12. by   Sailorboy
    I am 49 year old male, in the computer industry, currently doing my prereqs and hope to start my ADN in the fall. My wife is currently pursuing her CMA We are both pretty excited about changing careers.
  13. by   morr4336
    Hello al! I will be starting (ADN) Jan 05. Retiring from the Coast Guard to start my second career as a nurse. Good luck to all.