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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   MtnMan
    Gibson they will eat you alive with that attitude. This has been their field for years and one that women get paid well to be in. It is probably the only true equal pay job. You must tread lightly and prove yourself with a positive attitude and good skills or you will rapidly experience what females in male dominated areas do. Be careful brother and good luck.
  2. by   agent
    I agree with MtnMan.. its cool to be confident, but not cool to be pompus
  3. by   jrsyjo
    This is an excellent discussion!
    I have been contemplating a MAJOR career change to nursing. After much soul searching I finally came to the conclusion that my calling is in the nursing field. Currently I am a licensed chiropractor. Prior to chiropractic college I was enrolled at an excellerated nursing program in NJ. Because of silly pride issues on my part, I decided to go the chiropractic route. All through chiropractic college a little voice deep inside said go back to nursing. I just stuffed that little bugger back down and graduated in 1998. To this day, I've regretted my decision. I absolutely love the hospital setting. I was trained in the Air Force as a medical services technician with a specialty in aeromedical evacuation. I've work as a patient care and emergency room technician.
    I finally fessed up to my wife how I was feeling. I was stunned. She actually was in full support of my switching careers.
    I am writing to this discussion group because I am male age 40 with 2 children. I will be enrolling in a BSN program in January 04. I am currently seeking employment ast a patient care tech again(the most difficult part for me - starting at the low rung of the ladder).
    I know this is long winded but thanks for taking trhe time to read it.
  4. by   agent
    awesome jrsyjoe!

    I'm sure you're experiences will come in handy. Can't wait to hear more from everyone in the future. Plz keep us updated.
  5. by   crp2000
    Hello All-

    guy student here - beginning a part-time BSN program on Tuesday (PRAY FOR ME!!!). i am also a career changer - my first degree was a bachelor's in business administration/finance. will be working behind a desk fulltime and studying every chance i get. should finish up by fall of 2005!!

    i'm so glad i found this i know i'm not alone.
  6. by   agent
    I'm working behind a desk FT and studying when I can as well. Somehow I continue to get A's..
  7. by   dancingbear
    I just began 2nd year of ADN program. In class of 56, there are 6 of us guys. Last year I also began working in local hospital as a CNA, in the L&D/Postpartum Dept.! 1st male CNA to hit the floor.
    Both experiences have open my eyes to new worlds. Especially when considering my 2 previous jobs: officer in male prison and gas station manager.
    While I have no plans of being a delivery nurse, the experience has been great. Not having kids, I never changed a diaper until a year ago. In addition I've learned ways to express empathy with out sounding like an idoit; i.e. using the words "I know" when discussing pain!

    Well l have to go to class
  8. by   agent
    LOL@ I know

    I fell inot that trap once .. not good
  9. by   Nurse_Ben
    I'm a nursing student in IA. This semester I will be starting clinical! Woo-Hoo! Nervous and excited at the same time....
  10. by   SnowieRN
    Well, Heres another guy

    Going to a community college here to get my ADN.. only 18. I feel so young in that class because everyones so much older .
  11. by   VaMedic
    Another one joins the gang,

    24 y/o paramedic bridging to an ADN degree. Should be done next May and on my way to working ICU. Great to see this forum,

  12. by   Patrick71
    I'm looking forward to the orientation meeting coming up, then class starting on Sept 29th. I'm interested to see how many other men will be in the class. My biggest concern at this point is balancing the school/work/family schedule. I remember how crazy it was doing the prereqs full time and working. Trying to cram 30+ hrs worth of life into a 24 hr day. I have to assume that I am not alone in being the only " breadwinner" in a household that is getting ready (or has started) into a nursing program. ( And this is obviously not unique to men) It's going to be hard on me and my family, and I hope that the sacrifices I make will be worth it. It is a tough program and I believe that I have what it takes to make it through. It just makes me nervous to know that I'm going to be stretched so thin time wise, for two years. Anyone else out there know where I'm coming from?

    " With great power comes great responsibility"- Stan Lee
  13. by   agent
    You're not alone