Sexual Discrimination

  1. I am wondering if any one else is noticing this...male bashing by leaders in nursing.

    We had a mandatory Conference day last week. Our keynote speaker is a very influential leader in nursing. She made two comments which bother me, and seem to perpetuate sexism in the work place.

    First, she was talking to some of her collegues about evidence based nursing practices. She discussed the importance of professional journals and not Playboy like the male nurses read.

    Second, she closed her presentation with a slide of Keith Urban, saying she likes to close with something beutiful and sexy, so she wanted to show him.

    If I had made either of those comments using Ladies Home Journal instead of Playboy, I would be boo'd off the stage. Then had I put up a picture of Farahh Faucett or Julia Roberts, I would be fired for sure.

    Last year, we had another manditory meeting and a former TNA (TN Nursing Assoc) President said "If nursing was easy, then men would do it". I wanted to walk out right then and there, but with all the professors watching, I could not.

    And during clinicals, I hear every day "Oh you're a man, help me lift/turn this patient". I want to return a smart aleck comment, but do not dare.

    These are our leaders. I want to say something, but am afraid of being held back or released from the nursing program for making waves. I do not know what to do, or where to turn. Has anyone else run into this blatent sexism?
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  3. by   Ilya
    I have similar experiences. I think that male nursing should be a separate profession.
  4. by   TNBalloonist
    No, I disagree. Men have had to curve what we say. We can not even compliment a woman on a nice haircut or loss of weight without fear of sexual harrassment suits, but women can be sexist toward men. We just need greater understanding on all sides. And once our leaders can acknowledge that men add a good diversity to the profession, then we can begin healing.

    Funny, Gloria Steinham wanted equality for women, not a feel that anyone was greater than anyone else. We need to integrate male and female in nursing, not separate them.
  5. by   elkpark
    There are a few "bad apples" in any barrel, but the behavior and comments you describe would certainly be considered inappropriate and unacceptable in the settings in which I've practiced and taught (over many years in nursing). Please don't think that those few experiences represent the profession-wide attitude toward men in nursing.
  6. by   DuluthMike
    I would have walked out, and made it very clear that I was leaving.
  7. by   AragornSkywalker
    I would have raised my hand and complained that "he's not doing it for me".
  8. by   leemacaz
    Well unless you are never in the company of will have heard a lot of these types of statements...still in the situations you seems highly unprofessional...guess guys rights are waaay behind the ladies rights...But as elsewhere in life...ther are going to be alot of females who will not demean you or the male sex.
  9. by   Tozz
    Although the comments related by the original poster seem a bit over the top, they are hardly different than what women might hear in a predominantly male work environment. I'd just laugh them off. Otherwise, it's going to be a looooong career.

    "Discriminiation" is a loaded term that tends to back each party, reasonable and unreasonable alike, back into their respective corners. In short, it's an unhelpful term. I much prefer: "vive la diffrence!"
  10. by   TheSquire
    Quote from AragornSkywalker
    I would have raised my hand and complained that "he's not doing it for me".
    Good one.

    Going along the same vein, I'd suggest that, with Mr. Urban's involvement in the new Star Trek movie, your "nursing leader" should toss in a picture or two of Majel Barrett from back in the day, which would not only be more relevant to the topics at hand, but might also serve as a catalyst for the gender issues discussion that's apparently needed in your neck of the woods.

    Unfortunately, I usually can't come up with snark that fast on my feet...