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  1. Hi, I'm new here. Been lurking this site for some time now and decided to post because of questions and to be part of the community.I'm about to graduate tomorrow with an Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Engineering. I really wanted to go start this program so I can know the ins and outs of automotive. How it is working at a dealership and knowing how to maintenance vehicles for myself and doing a side job when I have spare time.Anywho. When I came out of high school back in 2006 I started my pre req courses for the automotive program. I got a job at my local hospital in 2007. I've been there as a patient transporter ever since.I want to pursue the nursing degree but don't really know how to go about it. I got an associates degree from my local community college but would like to go to an university for my bachelors. But I want to change careers.How do I go about that?I know nursing is an fierce, tough field to begin with. I'm already working at a Trauma Level 1 hospital. So me leaving patient transport to patient care technician (nursing aide) isn't really a problem considering I have a well established relationship with some nurse managers. I've been told by many nurses, doctors and patients that I would be a good nurse because I'm compassionate, caring, good multi-tasker, communicate well, etc. And I agree!A couple of my friends told me that I could go to an university and pursue the bachelors degree and switch it to nursing. I didn't take any science classes at all during my automotive degree. So I know if me switching careers, that would cause me to take A&P 1 and 2, microbiology, etc.I received federal aid for my associates degree also. I'm not sure f it will carry over to the bachelors program or not.Is that possible or am I out of luck? Do I have to go back to my community college for the associates degree nursing program or can I carry my associates degree credits over to my bachelors degree with the career change to nursing?
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    Sorry for the long paragraph. I posted from my iPhone. It seems when I edit to add spaces it just stays the same format.Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Follow your dreams bt jus kno that nursing programs are very competitive
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    Thanks. I'm all up for being competitive. I know how it is in these medical field programs. The majority of high school students are flocking to the medical career because of its stability but finding jobs is hard.I know. I work at an local hospital and see some PCT's graduated and want to be a nurse right away. Sometimes it happens right away. Sometimes it doesn't depending on the nurse manager.I just have the desire to take care of people. One of the reasons why I got in the automotive field was to tackle the problem of most mechanics taking full advantage of customers day in and day out. I wanted to do my own little job or shop on the side so people will get the hundred honest percent about their car with no exceptions.And with that being said. I get the same feedback when I'm in the honest. I present this caring, passionate personality day in and day out. And nurses and doctors see that and want me to be part of the team. I want to. And I will shoot for the stars for this career.I'm planning to sit down with the college advisor sometime next week to get started on this transfer to this university.Thanks again for the reply buddy.
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    You went to UTI with the desire to help get rid of UTI's. sorry had to.

    I work on cars and for me humans are nothing much but complex transmissions. Best thing is to talk to your local colleges and find out where you sit with your degree and going forward in the field of nursing.

    Most schools have a min of 4 semesters of pre-req's unless you go to a private school which you trade in length of time for $$$. Here isn't the place to ask, go under the regional sections and start asking about schools in your city/state.

    Good luck
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    Not really. And I didn't attend UTI. I went for this degree because I was rushed too and also to get an understanding of the auto world and to work on my own or do some work on the side.I'm glad I have this degree but I would like to get my bachelor's in nursing.I will contact my local universities to get my foot in the door for this fall.Thanks...
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    Are you still doing patient transport? Perhaps ask the HOSPITAL, what they would suggest.
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    Leo, what do you mean? Like suggesting what I should do from this point forward? And who to ask? Nurse managers? I have very good vibes from the majority of the nurse managers at the hospital I work at. In fact some of them are the ones that want me to move from transporting to PCT and go back to school for my bachelors in nursing. But they applaud me on my recent graduation on my associates in applied science (automotive).
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    Really it's the medical, stroke, heart units, and the emergency department that show high interest. A couple of L&D nurses would love to see me as a nurse over in that unit because "I show a lot of compassion". I just don't want all these traits go to waste. I've love taking care of people. Being at that hospital for 5 years now, going on six next year has really changed me. I never was a people's person growing up and taking care of people like listening to them, hearing their stories, seeing the family, encouraging them that things will be alright is something I really want to do. Money is the least thing on my mind. As far as wanting to do nursing for. I expect to move from nursing and do nursing partitioner later and probably go to PA school.

    In fact I'm studying the human body on my own right now. Especially the human brain and then later the heart and bones.

    I like knowing how things work. And to fix things.
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    I am a student nurse right now and have a little less than a year to go and all I have to say is I think you should do whatever your heart desires......

    As for working as a tech/aide. I think that is a great idea as a stepping stone to nursing. It will definitely get you to appreciate nurses and especially the jobs of the techs in the hospitals. There are too many people that are nurses that are all about saying "That is the techs job"

    You will learn valuable skills that will definitely help with your first semester of nursing school. When you can, ask nurses questions. Like what does this medication do, why do you have to hang a saline IV and not the dexrose, anything that comes to your mind.

    The thing about nurses is most of them/us you will be a perpetual student. Nurses are always learning new things, keeping up with reading about new technologies and procedures, medications. Healthcare is constantly changing so your job will NOT be boring.

    As far as going to school. It is just a phone call away or a car ride. Go down to the college or university that you want to attend and talk to their admissions department. They will help you start you path to nursing. If anything they can answer a lot more questions then anyone could on here

    GOOD LUCK and I hope you find what you're looking for