First Days!! Whoot!!

  1. Well, it's official. Today was the end of my first week of the program. WOW. A lot of stuff to remember and learn. Wasn't too bad, but just a few things troubled me. Today in lab class, we discussed having to demo physical assessments and have to bring in partners. I don't have many friends that are "that" close to where they have to wear a gown in front of me. Was thinking of talking to instructor to say this and offer myself to someone who has the same problem...suggestions?
    I know we have to read before class...but it was kind of nice to have powerpoints available to us as we went over them, due to this being first week and all. There were also a few times where we had to buddy up with person next to us, and the woman was so unfriendly, unwilling to suggest any answers, that by the third time I suggested that she start carrying her weight, because I wasn't dealing with attitude on the first day and I'm not carrying anyone else through the program. She said, "ok." then remained silent while using MY textbook! :trout: I pulled it back, said "ok, that works for me, too." and proceeded to complete the answers needed. Not being petty, but enough is enough....
    It's just overwhelming, and on top of everything, since I quit my job Wed. (activity director in a 197 bed MI home for 2.5 years ) and had an interview today, I went over to the library to pay some fines, came out and the car wouldn't start!!! Turns out I may have a bad starter (300 and change later). :angryfire At least I got to school and interview this morning, and I have a rental for the weekend....
    Anyone else start today? Or how did everyone feel after their first week? Is it normal to be a little overwhelmed/freaked out?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Ouch! Sounds like a rough start! I'm hoping it gets better for you.
  4. by   Medwynn
    Nah not today, but i start on monday. Good ole Med-Surg 2 and Psych ....

    Yeah it's ok to be overwhelmed... You'll do ok. Take it one thing at a time and keep on reading and practicing skills. That's what i remember doing. I used my G/F and friends to do head to toe assessments.
  5. by   locolorenzo22
    I used my G/F and friends to do head to toe assessments

    Did you actually take them to school to do assessements in front of instructor? That's what my instructors are saying we have to do....
  6. by   Medwynn
    No i did not take them to school, but i did assessments at their home or at mine if they didn't mind.
  7. by   dfarr
    I started last week. Doesn't seem too bad. Just a whole lot of reading. We start lab tomorrow and clinicals in a couple weeks. I'm one of five guys in a class of 80.

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