Er nurses making fun of patients

  1. I am a first year nursing student but i was an medic in the army and a NR-EMTB, i have worked in a few hospitals on various floors from the ER to family clinics.

    This is my little vent after reading some of the stuff posted by other nurses, something has to be said for good nurses but I have the feeling most are not.

    I just found out my next set of clinicals are at a hospital I would rather die then go to their ER.

    Somehow the nursing department feels this will be a good place for us to learn and its hard to keep a good attitude.

    Ill post these in order I dont have any good stories of this hospital so im not just posting slanted information and this is just my family not the other stories I have heard.

    In 1978 my uncle is found unconscious he is taken to the hospital and they put him on glucose and this kills him. the hospital finds he is diabetic and had glucose levels but the added amount cause his death (he had 2 kids the hospital paid them)

    1982 my cousin gets into a motorcycle accident walks into the ER is seen admitted and paralized in a bed transfer he was paid (he deserved it).

    ..... longtime passes we dont use this hospital even though the next closest one is 45 minutes away

    1995 I break my ankle at 1am not just a break I knew it was broke at the moment it happend. I get to the er about 3:30am I am seen about 4AM. The intake nurse tells me it isnt broke and have a seat in the waiting room(mind you Im hopping and my ankle looks broke to anyone who can see as it flops in weird unatural ways)
    at 8am i am told i can get an x-ray (no wheel chair becaus ethey dont beleive me) i have to hop through the length of the er and down 2 more halls. Im done and i have to hop back (good thing i was in good shape) by this point the pain is so great I almost feel like im on drugs stuff dont make sence. finally about 9am i get admitted and they bring me a wheel chair. as im in the room the doctors actual words were "Oh my god he broke boths sides how do we cast this" to my horror the other replies i dont know we need to get (cant remember his name) up here asap.

    I exploded it, my lateral maleous was broken off and up my leg about 3 inches my medial maleous is seperated and my whole ankle is expanded requiring reduction and multiple sergeries to fix.

    i was in surgery in less time then i sat in the er after they got the info needless to say i never went there agin for my self.....

    2004 my mother watches my daughter who is 2 years old for the first time as me and my wife go to sacramento about 1 hour away not including in town driving. At this point i have alot of medical training and carry alot of weight with doctors in my hospital but im not in my hospital atm im on leave and visiting my mother.

    She calls to tell me my daughter has fallen on a broken granite mantle while my mother was in the shower. this mantle is supposed to be broken it has chunks fitted like a puzzle but it is very sharp.

    my daughter has split about 1 inch on her left eye open to the bone and uas seperated her upperlip from her nose all the way through about 1/2 inch in length. she says what should i do figuring this wouldent kill her and she had open facial wounds (this usually gets you admitted)this hospital would be a SAFE option but i was wrong.

    I drove back from sacramento 1 hour not including intown both places so it has been 1 hour 30 minutes she has been in the er.

    I walk in to see her and im furious the intake nurse didnt even look at her how do i know this? he hair was dried and stuck to the 1 inch open hole in her face making it so you cant see anything but blood and her lip is so swollen that you cant see the cut under her nose. I ask nicely when will she be seen I dont know said the nurse

    I ask the nurse Im a medic and I have my emt my daughter has open facial wounds and i would atleast like them cleaned so the nurse hands me the stuff and say have a nice day

    so i proceede to clean my daughters wound in the waiting room of the er when another nurse sees it and she brings me into the intake area she sees how bad of a facial wound it is and finally admits her.

    It was horrible but that isnt the last part.

    6 months later in 2004

    I think the us should not take immigrant doctors ever. my father had just married a woman who worked for a immigrant doctor. he made over 100k a year and had alot of money but he trusted her.

    this doctor was employed at this hospital and my father placed his trust in this doctor i am 2340 milesaway at this time but he asks me what I know about Hodgkins.
    I tell him.... but it didnt help

    This doctor gave him lethal doses of Bleomycin that say in any nursing textbook will cause irreversable effects

    My father died within 3 moths at stanford university hospital. The doctor pulled me aside and said this doctor killed your father seek legal help. I could not find a single lawyer willing to sue because he had Cancer even though he would have lived 7-9 more years if he had never been treated.

    Now even though i chose a program that did clinicals in a different city i am forced to do my clinicals here. I can honestly say I hate everyone who would be considerd being employed by this hospital.

    on a side note this hospital has a reputation for death and cannot keep good employees and relies on traveling nurses to even keep running.

    well here is my vent i dunno just seeing the posts making fun of er patients knowing what i have seen it just pisses me off perhaps in a later date i will find them amusing

    Oh did i mention his wife was an RN and when he was brought in he had a spo2 of 25 and she left him gasping for air with blue lips saying he is stubborn any emt knows IMPLIED CONSENT

    the day of the funeral she cleared out all his crap and it took me 2 years to get it back in the court i think she may have killed him and was trying to get his money but i will never know (he had alot of money and various houses his estate was close to 1 million at the time of his death he was 44)

    her previous husband died in a weird way also. she is currently remarried and left town because she fears me now(and so she should).

    Rant off

    thx for listening
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  3. by   cesRN
    My deep condolences. I am sorry you are going back to that place that left you with terrible memories. I only hope you pull through it and just forget about ever being there once you finish your clinicals.

    Sorry again.
  4. by   canoehead
    You have the worst luck of anyone I have known or met (even my ER patients), let's hope it changes soon.
  5. by   DaveSVN
    I couldn't imagine working in such an environment. Good luck to you and clinicals.
  6. by   nnayr
    That was a sad story. I don't know why that the hospital is still in operation right now. Even if you had the worst luck of all, I'm sure that one day, that hospital will admit a patient who is brave enough to sue them if something goes wrong. I hope that after all the trouble you went through with the kind of service they rendered, it will be your wisest decision not to go there if, God forbid, something goes wrong again.
  7. by   KellNY
    Sorry you went through all of that...

    But this:
    I think the us should not take immigrant doctors ever. my father had just married a woman who worked for a immigrant doctor.
    is totally out of line.