Done with week Seven, if it was May it'd feel like heaven.

  1. A little late on the update, but better late than never. I'm sure you're all waiting on the edges of your seats. NOT. LOL. I'm not the center of anyone's universe. Except for maybe my son's. He's 5 and seems to orbit me.

    Friday was the last day of the rotation with the professor from last time who has been very supportive. She took me aside on Friday morning and told me she wanted me to know that I'd done a great job in her rotation, that I've gotten it all together, got it all "down". I thanked her and told her that because her confidence in me makes me comfortable, I'm able to do a good job, instead of being all nervous and worried. She told me I really earned her confidence. I again inquired about being able to do my last 8 clinical 7-3 days with her, and she said she'd try to make that happen, but we'll see. I told her I had not yet met the professor I'll be in clinicals with this coming week, and was not sure if I'd want to spend those last 8 long days with her. My professor told me that she's fine, easy to get along with. I told her that I just did not want to have any personality clashes, because sometimes people don't get me (at least the old me, anyway. I've really got nothing to worry about with my new way of "being"). She said "why, are you an 'aquired taste'?" I laughed and said "well, you get me". We chuckled and left it at that.

    That was good. Then I proceeded to lose my focus and mistake Plavix for a med that works on the GI system when she asked me what it was for. She said "you're confusing it with something else. Look it up". I whipped out my Palm, found it in Davis' drug guide, and said "jeez, I knew it was for platelet aggravation (heh heh) last week. It's to prevent clots by keeping them from aggregating". She was fine.

    I'm taking the second exam tomorrow. Should be fine. Thursday starts the rotation with the new professor. We'll see how that goes. Just need to keep quiet and fly under the radar, that's all. Supposedly she's big on asking questions and grilling you for nursing dx's. I'll just have to think fast, or respond by saying give me a few moments, and I'll get back to you. I hear she's OK with that, as long as you don't try to BS her. So, we shall see.

    Time to go play with my boy.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Thanks for the update and take care! Glad things are going better.
  4. by   sirI
    Excellent, NurseDaddy!!!

    I know you are doing a fine job. You sound great, too.

    Remember, you are [banana][/banana] towards that greater good!!!!

    Keep us posted!!