Blatant Discrimination

  1. I decided to go back to school about 2 years ago and pursue a RN Degree. In my A&P I Class about 1.5 yrs ago, I learned of a great job- Student PCA that our local Med. Ctr used to "recruit" nurses. I was told by several students that all you had to do was apply and tell them you are a pre-nursing student. Well, I applied, and was told that I had to first "Apply to the Upper Division of Nursing School." I went back a semester later and applied a 2nd time. I was then told I had to be "Accepted" into Nursing School. I reapplied after being accepted- attaching my acceptance letter- and was then told I needed to complete my "first semester" of Nur 101. I applied a 3rd time- attaching my transcripts/grades to NUR 101. I was then told I needed to "complete Adult Health Clinicals." Well, about 6 weeks ago, I called the Director of Hiring, HR and dropped the EEOC threat and low and behold they offered me a job.

    Yesterday, I went for orientation and found 6 other "Student PCA's" that were hired- none of which have even applied to Nursing School, and one of whom isn't even in school! To make matters worst, the "HR Professional" came into the classroom where about 10-12 of us were waiting (we were early) and stated, "Oh good, a male" and asked for my help. Being a little naive- stupid- I assumed she was going to ask me to participate in a "Skit" to demonstrate diversity or show what not to do. She took me to a back hallway and asked me to help her rearrange a closet. She said, she liked it when men showed up to help her with the heavy lifting.:angryfire

    I am going to work there out of spite, until I graduate, and then move on to a real hospital. When they realize what an outstanding worker, and compassionate and dedicated nurse/student I am, they will have regrets.
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  3. by   pattymac
    That just burns me up. I'm really sorry you have to go through that. You would think things like that wouldn't happen anymore.
  4. by   lacedmm1
    Wow!! I guess discrimination comes in all forms. Really sorry that happened to you. Do exactly as you said, that will hurt them later, that's for sure.
  5. by   CiCigirl
    sooo sorry this happened to you dixiedog...

    as a woman and a minority it saddens me to hear of discrimination in any form. you know what i think when i feel people are making presumptions about me based on my skin color or sex? i think, "you don't even know me. you have no idea of the scope of my abilites or the contributions i have to offer."

    but some people just think what they think and there's no way you could ever change that. you could have jesus himself come down from heaven and anoint you in front of the u.n. and world media and some people would still think whatever they choose to think about you just based on outside appearances, you know????

    but i'm happy to see that you seem to be taking it in stride and are still looking forward to the future. your positive attitude will carry you far.

    best wishes to you, keep your head up!! :hatparty:
  6. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Good luck and get em good!
  7. by   58flyer
    Just having the job now may not be the end of discriminatory treatment. It still happens in many places. Maybe you could get a memo to the person in charge of HR informing him/her of your experiences. That might put them on notice that you are sensitive to this issue and it may make the road ahead a little easier to navigate. Confront discrimination each and every time it rears it's ugly head. Don't take it in stride, thinking you're the better person. Be the better person by not tolerating it. Be a cheerful and upbeat worker, always be willing to help your co-workers, and above all, be good to the patients. Show them that you are the equal of anyone there. Keep us posted on how things are going. Good luck in your career!
  8. by   Mexarican
    Yea that's too bad you got go through that. But i agree you shouldn't tolerate it.

    The heavy lifting is my biggest pet peeve though...

    I have worked in a female dominated field (familiy planning clinic) for the past seven years so by now i have it down. It's so funny to work with so many women who profess feminism and women's rights and then be told i need to do the heavy lifting. I remember one experience in particular where a female coworker said she needed me to help her carry something. she was stading there with three other women who were doing absolutely nothing and waited until i came back from what i was doing to ask me. I said i'm sure between the three you girls can handle it. Then i proceeded to say that i believe in equal rights all the way through not jsut when convenient...which means YOU being female are just as capable of carrying it than me. you can do anything a man can do...isn't that right? Then she answered back, but your the man, we were all latin so i understood exactly what she meant. I then said well your right. so everyday when i'm done eating lunch i'm going to leave my dishes in the employee lunchroom and i expect you to have them washed by the time i get ready to go home. And when i need my desk cleaned i expect you to do it. Also, while were at it why don't we just have the women in the office clean the fridge in the employee lunch room and not take turns like we currently do since women are pretty good at that too.

    don't get me wrong all this was done jokingly but she understood exactly what i meant. I don't mind helping a fellow co-worker but that really sucks when they EXPECT you to be the one to do all the heavy lifting, and then profess feminst ideas only when convenient. Isn't it funny that the men in the office are usually the only ones with bad backs...LOL. I told her i'm pretty secure with my manhood so i don't feel the need to carry something heavy for you to prove it.

  9. by   nghtfltguy
    i am sorry to hear that you had to go through that.. i have been in similar circumstances.. i will give you a little something that you will someday find kind of strange..
    once you are a nurse.. a male nurse.. for some reason.. the docs tend to trust you more than some of the females.. i don't know why it is like this.. but it is.. it disturbed me the first time i noticed it.. the doc was treating me better than this nurse i was working with and she was by far a better, more expierenced nurse than myself.. discrimination can go both ways when it comes to being a male nurse... i am not saying that *all* doctors are like that.. by all means, they are not.. but i have seen it on more than one occasion that the docs, male and female alike, prefer the male nurses... its just plain crazy!

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