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Does anyone know the percentage of black males being admitted into nursing school and how many graduate? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   myjesusisgood44
    I Am a black male nursing student and I can't wait to start Nursing School! Its Good to know there are other black male nurses on here just incase I need encouragement!
  2. by   GtownhoyasDC
    Another black nurse, well, once I finish nursing school, will give his

    I'm pretty sure that the population isn't high of black male nurses, but I don't know if I really care or not if I am the only black male nurse in my school (which I don't know for sure), but this is what I wanna do. I want to help others, and I definitely don't want to be behind a desk all day (was a business major). I glad not to only represent black males nurses, but male nurses in general. All that matters to me....
  3. by   eduk8t0r
    I am a black male planning to begin in a nursing program in January 2011. I will be leaving my current job to focus on the program. Any suggestions on grants/scholarships for a black male, father returning to college. I am trying to find some financial assistance for the next two years while I am in school. Any suggestion is appreciated.
  4. by   Spikey9001
    I'm a black male nursing student.
  5. by   NurseLoveJoy
    I am the first black male to graduate from my nursing school. C/O 2009
  6. by   proudpops
    I'm a black male nursing student (lpn 12mnth program) and I'm 1 of 30 male to females in my class
  7. by   Viedel
    I am a black male nursing student also. I just started an 11 month lpn program. I am the only male out of 22 students. So far, it's going ok.
  8. by   jun14
    what is the big deal if your intended to enroll and wants to be a black nurse someday???every one has a chance to choose what course in college to pursue..NO exception at all...
  9. by   jun14
    nurse love joy....keep up dude..and congrats in advance..
  10. by   BMNurse85
    Black male nurse here. In my program there are about 4 of us out of lets say 100 students.
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  11. by   KirbyEMT
    Personally, here in the midwest, they don't have quotas for anything, it's grades that get you in or keep you out of RN school. There are several African American Male RN students here, I'm good pals with a couple of them, and quite a few AA female RN students, and it is pretty much representative of the community in general. Glad to hear you're pursuing nursing, but keep in mind these places really look at grades.
  12. by   JeanettePNP
    There was one black male student in my class of 60. In every clinical rotation though I encountered at least 1 or 2 black males on staff.
  13. by   Daryl_G
    I just started this week and I am the only black male although there are 13 males out of 48.