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Hey is anyone applying for the May 2019 Fast Bacc at Baylor? I'm taking the Hesi soon and the TEAS, for other programs I'm looking at. Just wanted to see who's all looking at applying. Best of... Read More

  1. by   Kdieuto
    Thank you for replying and I hope your interview went well!! I just found out this evening that I got accepted! Can't wait to meet everyone! And best of luck to all who are applying!
  2. by   palmtreezz
    Hey! Just a future applicant, I was wondering if you guys are comfortable with posting GPA, HESI, acceptances stats to help out future applicants!
    Good luck!
  3. by   alosalot
    Hi all! I interviewed last Tuesday, October 30th. Does anyone know when I can look forward to hearing an answer? Congrats to everyone that has already been accepted!
  4. by   SK13
    Hi all!

    Applying here soon once I take the HESI. Anyone know the odds for late applicants?
  5. by   kekapnas
    I was wondering what the odds are too, I'm taking the HESI tomorrow. Since they've already accepted some people in though it might end up affecting our chances but nothing we can do about that except wait another year to apply :/
  6. by   MKS2019
    I got in today! Can't wait to meet everyone!
  7. by   bourjosangel
    I got in! Can't wait to meet y'all.
  8. by   psychan
    For those who were offered interviews, how flexible were the dates/times? I just submitted my application (somewhat late I realize) and I will be out of town for the first half of the break. Hopefully they won't contact me until the New Year and there will be some leeway on scheduling!

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