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just looking for our male lpn students who are out there and would like to share any experinces or advice questions,t hat others could help with.:uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   belgarion
    Don't try to memorize every little detail or you'll give yourself a brain hemorrhage. I always studied with the goal of recognizing things when I saw them on the test. It must have worked as I have a pretty good average going into my final 2 weeks.
    Your time will be pretty much monopolized but remember to make time for yourself. Otherwise, you risk stressing out and and winding yourself up into a tight little ball that might come undone when you least expect it.
    Finally, when you are shadowing real live nurses during your clinicals, pay attention. In school you learn how things are done at a hospital one of my instructors refers to as "Utopia General". While you are in school you will have to do things the school way but your clinical experience can show you how it works in the real world. Watch, learn, and don't be shy about asking to be allowed to do procedures (with your instructors approval, of course).
    Good luck!
  2. by   Carlitosway
    Graduated from a very intense program (11 months) last Feb 2009. TOok the NCLEX PN Aug 13 and still waiting for the results. Good luck!
  3. by   MrMom09
    I am in the LPN program too. I start August 18th. I went through two long days of orientation last week. I graduate next summer and have full intentions of doing the LPN to RN bridge ASAP!
  4. by   doesdad
    Thanks guys - sounds like solid advice. I've been told its hard to work while going through a program so I'm leaving my full time job, scary - especially these days. I got a job weekend night as a Unit Clerk in the ER at the local hospital. It doesn't pay alot but I figure Ill see alot and get some real hospital experience.
    One of the reasons I'm attracted to nursing as a profession is that it is an applied knowledge field - I think that is why critical thinking is stressed. I'm really excited to start next month.
  5. by   BlueTexas89
    LPN student here.. But not for long, I graduate on Aug 14!!

    Only 2 weeks left!!

    Any questions, feel free to ask.
  6. by   Carlitosway
    Not anymore. Just got my results today and I passed!!!!! Thanks be to god!

    LVN Program - 11 months - $34,000.00
    NCLEX PN Review - 3 weeks - $0
    Waiting for results - 18 days - $200 (test fee)

    Up next:

    Pre-reqs to ADN - 4 classes (A&P II, Sociology, English 1A & Speech) - Aug-Dec 2009 - $4000.00
    Transition Course - 3 weeks Jan 2010 - $3000.00
    LVN-RN Bridge - 8 months Feb-Oct 2010 - $34,000.00

    Just keep it up are in the right direction. PM me for any questions or advice.

  7. by   doesdad
    Jeez Carlito-
    Congrats but 34k seems really steep for an LPN program - where did you go?
    I'm paying 7k for my 11 month program.
  8. by   Carlitosway
    Northern California. It's a little bit on the high side but there's actually a school here charging $45k for a 18 month program. You just gotta do what you gotta do. Minimum starting pay is $25-$30
  9. by   doesdad
    Yeah - I dig. Well best of luck and keep posting about the bridge program- I think you are smart to get right into it. I plan to do the same.
  10. by   Carlitosway
    Quote from doesdad
    Yeah - I dig. Well best of luck and keep posting about the bridge program- I think you are smart to get right into it. I plan to do the same.

    Just an FYI - RN Bridge done. Graduated October 15th. Taking NCLEX RN on Monday (Dec 6th). Hope all is well

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