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  1. Hi all! Well, my application is in for Fall 2007. I applied to Marymount University in Alington VA. I'm not sure if anyone here has experience with that school; I did a search and found no info. I do know that it's got a great reputation from what I've heard around No. VA. The program is 4 semesters long, neither the shortest nor the longest 2nd degree program I've found. I should know something by Mar. 7th.

    I've posted on this forum a few times before and I'm sure I'll be asking a few more questions as I go along. I already have a BS in Health Science and I'm a paramedic so I can't imagine a nursing program is going to be that much harder than EMT-P training. I guess if I'm thick-skinned enough to deal with all the gender BS I see posted in the forums I'll do just fine.

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    Hi all, just wanted to let you know I GOT IN! I start the accelerated BSN program at Marymount in Aug. 2007. I've already had contact with a few nursing students at Marymount through the allsnurses fourum so I'm pretty excited. Best of luck to anyone waiting for their letter.

  4. by   EricJRN
    Congrats, Jason!
  5. by   Medwynn
    Congratulations. Nursing school may be more difficult or it may not be.