Anyone in a program that was a wait list (men)

  1. Just wondering because I got thrown on one.
    I am #3 on a regular track and #9 on a accelerated track, just weighing my choices if I should just go to a local private school for my BSN or wait it out.

    I'm done with ALL my pre-req's which sucks so the only classes I have to take is one flipping burgers since if i don't get in that nice loan I took out is gonna want to nibble on my wallet.
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  3. by   ItsTheDude
    #3 and #9 ain't bad, you'll probaby get a call from both of them, it basically depends on how big the programs are. begin #9 on the wait list for a program that accepts 20 students is differ from one that accepts 100.
  4. by   K.P.A.
    Why are you on wait list? I was WAY down the list for accelerated, because of GPA. After spring grades were posted I got bumped to #1 and was in two days later.