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Of the 23 other students comprising the group that I entered nursing school with, three of them are men. The class that is graduating at the end of next week I believe has 1 male student, and as far... Read More

  1. by   jsh431
    Trying to get in at 28. Went back to school at 26. Hope to be done by 31.
  2. by   sserrn
    22 and 3/4 now...applying to an A-BSN program in fall, so hopefully I'll be 24 when I graduate!
  3. by   GitanoRN
    I began my career at the tender age of 14yr. as a nurses aid, then LPN, RN, BSN, MSN and now I'm going for the CNL program and still love nursing with a passion
  4. by   squelchie
    oh hai

    i entered the program @ 29 and now a year after, im reviewing for the board exam. With the wait period, who knows when i'll be done with RN.
  5. by   bigboy18
    19 yrs old here..

    Entered my LPN program at 18... graduating this year May 14.

    I could've worked as a nurses aid (RCA) when I was younger..but I really had no ambition to do anything back then...
  6. by   bcmedic
    I'll be 38 when I start this fall. My second career after doing 15 years in the video game industry as a software developer. I already have a degree so in Canada we can do an accelerated 2 year program to get a BScN.
  7. by   re5150
    I'm in my first semester and 42 years old. Another male in my class is 42 also (we have the exact same day of birth). How's that for the older male nurse?????
  8. by   j_tay1981
    I'm 28 years old. This is my second degree. There are several guys in my class that are in their 30's and 40's. One guy is in his 50's - he works now in hospital administration, and wants to get a BSN now!
  9. by   GtownhoyasDC
    Well, I'm 19 right now, but by the time I actually start with my classes, I'll probably be 20. I've ran into guys who range from their mid-20's to their early 40's...
  10. by   kidari
    Turning 29 next month. This will also be my second degree. There is also another male who is 29 and the rest of the males are in their early 20's.
  11. by   Ray66
    I am 44 with 3 semesters to go. Typically I am not the oldest but "among" one of them. Age is not really a big deal to me anyhow.
  12. by   AcousticFoodie
    I'll be 25 when I finally start. I feel like I'm losing time and want to get my career started and school done ASAP.
  13. by   GitanoRN
    AcousticFoodie, trust me when I say you are not losing time at all, I been in nursing for over 35+ & I have seeing older students coming in for their clinical, the last one was 57yr. but like he said "I'm doing this for me" I just him for his determination, I wish you the very best in all of your endeavors~

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