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Of the 23 other students comprising the group that I entered nursing school with, three of them are men. The class that is graduating at the end of next week I believe has 1 male student, and as far... Read More

  1. by   TheComebackKid
    I am 32 years old, and I'm starting my nursing program here in a week, and I'm very very nervous, yet very very exited. I've already been at my college for two years in a pre-nursing program chipping away at my BSN non-nursing general requirements, and have already completed some of program classes as well...and so far since I have returned as a "non-traditional" student I have maintained a 4.0 I don't know how long this will remain, since classes promise to get a lot harder...but I will still do my best! I try to ignore the fact that I'm male in a female dominated major, and that I'm a little older than some of my other peers (but not all!)...and try to remember what I'm here for.
  2. by   Jjbiin
    this year I am 26,I decided to learn a nurse course in Austrialian,maybe
    when I enter into the college I will be 27 I thought,and by the way finding a
    suitable college is a very hard work for who is not local .I am now so pullzed
    with choosing-the-college things as this I haven't any idea that how many girls and boys would be ,and how old they are,in my furture classbut I wish there will be like a nice family.and I haven't browsed through all the post yet,maybe I
    will find some things benifit to me.I thought no matter the age you are,if you have a passion to do some sth ,that will be great and that must be a new start for someone
  3. by   Optimism
    I Think there is no relationship between age & practice

    Good luck
  4. by   BrianWY
    When I first started nursing school I was 18, and there were two men in a class of around 50. The other guy was in his mid to late 20s. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready to be a college student at the time, so the other guy was the only one in the graduating class.

    After a couple of other careers, I returned to nursing school at 46. When the class started, there were six of us in a class of 56, however three of the guys dropped out for various reasons. When we finished the first year, there were 39 students who finished the LPN portion (its a progressive ADN program). When the second year began, there were again six guys and around 50 women (LPNs returning to get their RN refilled the class).

    We've got two distinct age groups in our class -- the around 30 year olds and the around 50 year olds. The ladies have a more even distribution, running from the early 20s to the 40-somethings.
  5. by   bipin_sam
    i am 19 when i joined nursing here in india
    and my parterner was kind of aged than me
    he was around 24 or something i am not sure
    may be 23.
    but in india there is age limit for you to join the nursing even if u are a male or female nurse
    I donn know about the other countries?
    how can they study after certain age mannn
    i wondeer
    I am 28 now
    having experience of 7 since my school ended in year 2002.
  6. by   sleepyRN2
    37 y/o, graduating this december (2009).
  7. by   rgar98

    I'm 64, as in "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64." (My apologies to Lennon/McCartney.) I retired from teaching high school biology after 39 years. Last Monday was my first day of nursing school.
  8. by   strobeable
    2NE3. I'm coming into my 2nd week of an ADN program after Labor Day. oh god i still have 20 pages to read by tonight
  9. by   Essayons
    I really do not think it matters when you start. We guys are treated differently in a good way or bad by just being men. I am not being pessamistic however.

    I am 35. Most of the guys I have met in the Buffalo area are in their late twenties to thrities in my nursing school. We are diverse. I would not feel bad starting out as early as you are. If this is what you want to be I commend you for finding out so early. I wish I had done that. Good luck in your career.
  10. by   RNCEN
    I will be 35 in November. Hoping to actually begin NS next August, and I'm taking pre-reqs now.
  11. by   VYisgod
    Quote from That Guy
    ...On one hand you have these ridiculously good looking girls and amazing odds but dont even dare touching it.
    True that!
  12. by   DaveLRN12
    I am currently 38, and will be starting this January, when I graduate I will be approaching my 41st Birthday.
  13. by   Odin
    I just started an ADN program last month. I'm 30 years old. Just to cover the other questions you had, there are...5 guys in a class of about 60 or so.

    One fellow looks in his 40's, another upper 30's, another about 23, another maybe 26, and the other one maybe mid-thirties.

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