Make more $$ and Work Less.

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I have been an emergency NP for the past two years, the money is OK, but I want more.

That said, I also want time for my family and travel.

Has anyone found a way to balance life and work?

I think for myself and my wife in the SF Bay area bringing in an extra 50 - 75K would make all the difference in the world.

It sucks that an RN can work 3 shifts a week and it's called full time and they are getting more money than i am

Maybe i'll start selling Medicinal MJ scrips.

So this is more of a rant than a thread, but if you have any ideas on how to branch out and make more money, let me know! otherwise going back to med school is sounding better and better, I want to do more and get paid for it, but it's a long road through medschool and debt sucks.

Cut your expenses and live a simple life.

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SkiBumNP work for a hospital. I am in SF as well and the advantage of being in a hospital-based practice is that we're part of the salary schedule in the hospital, have collective bargaining protection through membership in the nursing union, and have differentials for off shift/holiday/overtime. On top of that, we only work 3 12-hr shifts a week like the bedside nurses do. Nurses have a lot more power here in the Bay Area than anywhere else which is exactly the reason why this area pays nurses the highest in the US.

Work like crazy to pay off debts and simplify your lifestyle and'll be happy and be able to enjoy life.

I have found that (for me), the answer was not a full-time job. I currently practice as a psychiatric NP and have four part-time/prn jobs. I work as much or as little as I want to and I am able to provide what I consider to be a comfortable lifestyle for my family. My wife is able to stay home with our children and is currently finishing her PhD. We just returned from a five day vacation today. My wife and I counted that our daughter has flown 7 times for vacation during the last 21 months. I have plenty of time to spend with my family (my first priority) while also balancing my work (something else I enjoy) and completing a DNP. The not-so-great parts: I have no company paid benefits and have to purchase my own health insurance, retirement, no paid vacation, etc. but even with these expenses, I am afforded a lifestyle that allows me to balance my work and home life in the way that I want to. It might not work for everyone, but I have found that for myself and my family this type of work arrangements works best. Might be something to explore and see if this brings you closer to what you are looking for in the work/life balance. Good luck!

Enrolled in a MSN APRN program and have questions:

1. Why would a RN get more $$ than an NP?

2. What is the job future for NP's (newbies)

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1. good question. thats the rub about working in the bay area. the CA-BRN and the CNA are super strong and pay RNs a fair wage here. the rest of the county could learn that nurses are worth more money. however the NP wage hasn't been bumped up. it's too bad. I feel that it is just one part of the issue that is keeping the NPs down.

2. that all depends on what you want to do and who you know.

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Well, if you work for a place where the NP's are part of CNA, then you are entitled to just wages....few places have NP's as part of the nursing union (UCSF, Stanford, San Francisco General).

Forgot to add Kaiser - where the union contract calls for NP pay that is way higher than RN's and other NP's in the area.

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Here in Indiana, I know MANY NPs who make significantly less than bedside, hospital based RNs. In fact, I would advise never making the NP decision (for or against) based on salary.

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If only Kaiser used NPs in the ED.


Job openings in ED at Kaiser San Jose and SFGH. Apply!

Does Kaiser use PAs in the ED? Also, what hospitals in the bay area use PAs in the ED? PA student considering a path in EM somewhere on the west coast..

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