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  1. Hello,
    I am attending the USM Accelerated nursing program in May. I am curious if anyone has or will be attending? Also how did you finance the education with little time to work? Can you choose where to do clinicals? Was it hard to find employment after graduation?
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  3. by   Freedom42
    If you're talking about the BSN program, I completed it in 2008. I financed it largely with money I had saved to go back to school, although I did receive a number of scholarships after starting the program. I didn't work during the program, but frankly, it would not have been difficult to squeeze in a part-time job. The workload isn't that bad.

    Can you choose where to do clinicals? Yes and no. They try to accommodate requests, but more often than not, you go where you're told to go.

    Maine was a tough market for new grads last year, and while this year's market looks to have eased a bit, I think it's still quite difficult for new grads to find jobs in hospital settings. There are many veteran nurses who have either returned to work in the tough economy or who have postponed retirement to make up stock market losses. I think there are more employment opportunities for new grads in long-term care right now.
  4. by   eab12191
    Since it looks like you started the program in May, how is it so far? I am a Maine native living out of state and am looking into applying for this program when I move back. I bet it's super competitive though!