Unionized hospitals in Maine

  1. Does anyone here work in a union shop? What's your experience been? How much clout does the Maine State Nurses Association have?
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  3. by   JPine
    Maine State Nurses Association? geez, I haven't heard hide nor hair from them or of them-ever, so I'm guessing no clout.

    Now, the only hospital I can think of that has a nurses' union is Eastern Maine Medical Center. I'm sure there could be more.
  4. by   rninme
    Maine Coast Memorial in Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor are both union.
  5. by   miss_anneRN
    I have no experience with unions (other than my ex-husband belonging to one many moons ago). The idea is tempting....I think it could only help our small hospital to bring the nurses together. Admin is very inconsistent with how & when the policies are enforced.
    I would love to hear stories of how a union helped nurses in Maine.
    Try searching on-line for Unions in Maine. I did over the summer, tho... my mind is blank as to what the result was...!!!
    It always seems that the MSNA is more of a lobbiest type group.
  6. by   piratemum
    Before you all get excited about unions remember the adage that you get what you ask for. So, if you want the ability to bid on jobs to be based on seniority, until YOU have seniority, it won't work in your favor. Make sure you ask about lay off protocol as well. And my final bit of advice, a union won't prevent you from getting fired. If you've done something dumb, they may hold your hand but the net result could still be the same.
  7. by   zackrm85
    The Aroostook Medical Center in Presque Isle is unionized. I hear that the nurses at Cary Medical Center and rumbling about starting a union there.