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    I wanted to start a thread for UNE's ABSN (Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program starting January 2019. I submitted my application May 2018 and received my acceptance letter July 5th 2018 (letter was dated 6/28). After getting this great news, I declined my spot at UMass Amherst's ABSN program. I declined due to the start date being Aug 2018 which wouldn't allow enough time to transition (quitting my job, moving to Springfield...etc,.) I am currently waitlisted for MGH's DEN Program and am still waiting to hear back from a few other schools. UNE is one of my top choices due to the success of past students, receiving a merit award and the start date being next year. I will most likely be attending.

    Anyone else planning on attending this program?!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Hi...hope fellow students stop by to offer advice.
  4. by   beccak30
    Hi lophryn19, thank you for starting this thread!

    I too was accepted into UNE's ABSN program, got my letter on July 2nd and also applied sometime in early May. I am waiting to hear from a few other schools but UNE is definitely a top choice for me so far. I don't know a lot about the program and its a big move for me since I'm from California but I am visiting next week and can't wait to learn more
  5. by   lophrn19
    Nice to meet you beccak30! I love Cali! What part are you from? I wasn't familiar with this program either but was able to connect with two students that graduated this year and they both loved the program and found that the teachers were great. Plus I liked that the pass rate for NCLEX was high. I'll be relocating from Boston and plan to also visit sometime this summer. Let me know how your visit goes!
  6. by   beccak30
    Nice to meet you too! I'm from the Bay Area but i lived in Santa Barbara for a few years too. Boston seems like a cool place to live! I will probably visit that too while im on the east coast! I'm so glad to hear thats grads liked the program..I'll let you know what I learn from my visit