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  1. Hi everyone!

    Just wondering if anyone has taken any online classes at Southern Maine Community College? I am going to be taking A&P, Chemistry and Micro. and am hoping for some input. Did you like the class(es)? Were the computer labs educational? Etc.

    Thank you!!!!

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  3. by   bell47
    I'll be finding out about the online classes this week at Univ. Coll. at Rockland. I'll let you know what I fing out. Do these online classes at smcc include a lab? Is the lab online or do you have to go to a class once or twice a week? Thanks.
  4. by   seaspray700777
    Hi there: I took A&P I online at SMCC and I thought it was great. I am very good about being organized and did pretty good with an A on Lab and a B in lecture. Just make sure you keep up with the dates that things are due. The only thing that was a little hairy for me was the tests. The were timed with 60 minutes to do all the questions. Like 1 min a question. I do not like really timed tests, I get nervous. I do not know if you can take A&P II online? If it were an option for me I would not have taken it because of the one on one I recieved in class. Just my experience. Good luck. I did take A&P II at SMCC. I would highly recommend Sara Darhower. I think I spelled that right. She is great, hard but fair.
  5. by   seaspray700777
    Hi there again, I forgot to say Micro. I took Micro with Professor in South Portland. He is also very hard but a Great teacher. Micro was hard but I loved it. I would not advise taking it online. There were alot of hands on in this class. Just my 2cents.
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  6. by   ellamia
    Thank you both for your replies : ) I am nervous about taking any of these classes online, but I would have to travel for them otherwise. I guess I'll see how it goes. Thank again!!

  7. by   salgal24
    Ellamia when were you you planing on taking ap 1 I am trying to take it for this summer or coming fall online at SMCC