Moving to Maine

  1. I just accepted a Public Health Nursing position in Maine. I will be making the move from the Midwest. Does anyone have any suggestions or advise for me in making Maine my new home?
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  3. by   coastalcattery
    Bring your camera, because it's beautiful - and bring your appetite, the seafood is fresh and delicious! What part of Maine are you coming to?
  4. by   kaufer01
    I'll be moving to the Rockland Area.
  5. by   coastalcattery
    That's where I live! It's a beautiful town. I assume you have been here to interview for the job? Rockland is far enough in to Maine that you'll really hear the accent and see the culture. It is definitely a working fishing town. Plan on driving a ways if you want to go to a mall. The people are friendly, I've found the only time they really don't like outsiders is when people try to put on the accent or act like they're from here when they're not. I don't think you'll have any problem finding q place to rent, especially now that tourist season is over. The rent here war less then where I'm from, but the wages are also lower. The biggest down side of this area is, Maine has a huge problem with prescription drug abuse, and here in the midcoast area the problem is the worst. Do you have any specific questions about the area?
  6. by   kaufer01
    Thanks for the info! I actually did a couple of phone interviews for the job and have not actually been to Maine yet.

    What are winter's in the area like? I am from Wisconsin and have grown up with winter and all it brings, but am curious as to how it compares. Also, when looking for apartments are there any areas of town or apartment buildings that you would recommend or recommend avoiding?
  7. by   coastalcattery
    I think coming from Wisconsin you'll do fine for winter! The coast is a little milder than inland. I love the 4 seasons. The nice part is summer - it's cooler right here on the coast, and breezy. I didn't even put in AC this past summer. There were a few days I would have used it, but it didn't seem worth blocking a window for just a few days of use. It can be quite windy and rainy here. Lots of heavy fog in the mornings. There doesn't seem to be a real "bad" part of town - there is a section that is kind of the south east part of town that seems a little less desirable. There is an apartment building that always runs ads called The Thorndike building, and a small development called Fieldcrest Apts - do not go there. The biggest problem in this area is the opiate addicts, and the problem is way more prevalent then you would guess, for a little town like this. Also, jobs are very scarce - even nurse jobs, so if you get here and hate the job do realize you might have to travel quite a ways to find another. And I would assume with public health nursing you will be working with alot of addicts, they are a different breed. On a brighter note, Main St. is great - more art museums then you would guess, cute little shops, you must eat at the Rockland Cafe on Main. Seafood so fresh it literally just came out of the sea! Old architecture - beautiful old Victorian style buildings. I love that! Just to give you an idea, I rent a 2br, heat, water, trash and snow removal included - $735. It is a true New England old seacoast town. I came from Vermont, also a nice place to live!
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  8. by   coastalcattery
    Oh, one more thing - the best online source for local news, classifieds and activities in the area is: Knox County Village Soup.
  9. by   kaufer01
    I am so excited to make this move. Thank you for all the information, it's been incredibly helpful!
  10. by   smurfynursey
    we like it when people wave! so if we wave, wave back! mainers are generally a friendly sort (I live in DC, most people need to drop the stick. Just saying )
  11. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle

    People yelling at you incoherently from a moving car in NY= insult, get angry at them.

    People yelling at you incoherently in Maine= "Hi! I know you and I'm excited to see you!" Don't flip them off.

    Learned it the hard way. ("Why'd you do that? My MOM was driving!")
    So embarrassing.
  12. by   ERRN214
    Hi guys, I'm hoping to move to Maine next summer. I cant private message anyone because I haven't posted on the site yet. I'm an ER nurse. I'm proactive and trying to plan ahead. I applied for my Maine nursing license last week and I today I have emailed a couple agencies on CL with my info in hopes they will keep me in mind next summer. We aren't set on an exact location yet. my husband works in IT. I was looking at houses in Houlton.. but open to other areas. I currently live in the Midwest but am originally from the East Coast. I'm over the city. would love to buy an old farmhouse to raise my kids and grow old in. I will be going back to school for my NP but right now all of our extra money is going in to preparing to buy a house there next summer. Any Advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks