Made CPS report, what now?


I feel like this is something I should already know... Should I save my notes, documents, copies etc. for my own records after filing a report with Child Protective Services? I have made two reports this school year, and have saved my documents for both cases, but for some reason I feel like they should be shredded.

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Save your documents, make a separate file, as you may need to refer back to them. Only after a child left my school did I shred a report. also, i don't know about your school policies, but both PS districts i've worked in have required me to notify local police about the report being made. It's really nothing than more of a "Hey, FYI" type thing.



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As a school teacher I kept records of observations and conversations. Like the other person said, I kept the records until they left. The parents are not told who said what so they thought my team teacher had reported them. I was going to out myself, but he said the parents are going to think what they want and so we left it. It is a sad situation to be compelled to call CPS. I have only reported to CPS twice in the 10 years I taught. CPS may or may not contact you again. The first time I had to write a statement because of what the child had reported to me. The second time they didn't ever contact me again. The only reason I knew about it was because the parents told us. It just depends on the situation.

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Keep them, if there is ever a court case, you need to have what you said/did right in front of you.

I keep all records, but I've never been told to contact police. That would probably be a pretty handy thing to do, just in case a situation arises from the report.