MA to LPN instead of RN


Is it worth going from MA to LPN instead of RN.

I want to work in a hospital eventually, do they hire LPN's often?

I just prefer the programs more directed towards my degree without all the extra classes. It seems to be what I do best in and we don't have an RN program to my knowledge like that.

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Around here, hospitals prefer RNs (with BSNs) and CNA2s. LPNs work more in nursing homes and other long term care facilities.


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It really depends on your locale. I hear they still hire LPNs occasionally at some hospitals here in Central FL. Honestly, try taking a crack at some of the RN prereq classes and see how they go. I am a second degree pre-nursing student and I am going for the ASN to save time and money as opposed to going the ABSN or BSN route. If you can hack the prereqs, you'll save yourself a lot of time if you want to work in a hospital. If not, going the LPN and LPN to RN route might offer an easier transition.