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LVNs, what are your plans after getting RN?


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I was wondering fellow LVN to Rn'ers (who are graduating soon) are you staying at your current job or what plans do you have once you get your degree? Have you started applying and interviewing? Are you moving? Give us the scoop.

I am waiting for my HR to give me a "benefits package with a salary analysis". I would like to stay in my acute care facility on the Telemetry Unit. I may be doing some charge nurse shifts in the future. We'll see what they offer.

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congratulations kristo! i graduated 6 years ago. i worked private duty while i was in school. when i graduated i went straight back to the hospital. my pay immediately doubled. i got 9 months credit for every year i had been an lpn which was 23 years. i started doing precepting and charge. jobs i couldn't have had as an lpn. i now work in medical imaging, again a job i couldn't have had as an lpn. i also work prn in hh and yep because i am an rn.

the years i was an lpn were very good to me. i felt i earned a decent hourly wage, i found respect among my peers, i was able to work nights and weekends and never have my kids in daycare. i went back to school because i wanted a college degree. i didn't expect alot of change but the doors that have opened to me have been truly amazing. it was the best thing i've ever done for myself. :D

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Awesome! I feel the same way. More money is going to be nice but the opportunities are what I am also excited about. I will get 9 RN years credit to tact on to my new grad pay. Anxiously waiting to here the numbers from HR.


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My current employer does not have any RN positions. I do want to stay in the related field, I'm thinking about nurse vendor for a regional center. But I want to get atleast a yr of bedside nursing in before applying with them. My second choice ( was 1st till I got into the DD field) is UR, QA or QM.

I am so ready to leave my current job that I am going to quit as soon as I get my Minnesota license endorsed to GA. Excelsior College grads are not allowed to sit for NCLEX in GA. We must take the exam for another state then endorse:confused:. I am still trying to understand that one:uhoh3:.

I currently work in a nursing home (needed downtime to study) but I have extensive hospital med/surg experience. I am going to work for one of my agencies doing contract at local hospitals. They are just waiting for my GA license; they offered me $35/hr but I want $38. I think we will have to negotiate. They were paying $35 when gas was $1.29 a gallon.:argue:

I was an LPN for 12 years before getting my RN, I was wondering if it would count as experience?*wine

I work in hh so there wouldn't be much change for me. No plans to change fields or to take supervisory jobs. I will probably change agencies though, because I will look for a higher rate of pay. I feel it would be easier to get more pay if I go with people who don't know I was willing to work for less. I feel strongly about the pay issue because employers have taken advantage of me (admittedly with my permission) my entire career and one of the only reasons to obtain the RN is to be better able to remain employed and support myself with less hours worked.

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