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hey guys i have taken my NCLEX on June 17, 2015. it have said to wait 48 hours on most trends. does the option "quick results" compatable for lvn/pn?

from cali.

not really confident on my nclex exam. i have stop at 85. Most of my questions invole of 10 SATA. a lot of teaching and priority. 2 math problems. and a of further teaching questions/risk control. /tb questions.

anybody had similar topic questions?

I have to assume you are a foreign applicant? For California there are no Quick Results available, you cannot pay for results in 48 hours as most other States can. This is true of both RN and PN exams.

The kinds of questions you answered have no relevancy; the format of the question does not indicate pass or fail, higher or lower level questions. It means nothing.

The only thing that DOES mean something is that you stopped at the minimum number of questions possible for NCLEX-PN. This means you either were doing very well, and the computer could determine competency quickly, or you were doing very poorly, and the computer could determine incompetency very quickly.

US-educated applicants have a very high passing rate; unfortunately those graduates of nursing programs outside of the US have a much lower passing rate. No one can really guess for you at this point.

Good luck while you wait for the official results!

hi there, chris92. i just wanna ask, if its ok. how long you have waited for your eligibility from BVNPT to be approved? are you also an IEN from phils.? thank you so much.. and i hope you passed! :)