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LVN partner lazy

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I am in an LVN program in Anaheim, Ca. There are 42 people in the program. Since the beginning of the program I have been carpooling with another patient and sharing resources (books, quizlet, ebooks, supplies) with her as well as answering questions (she is HS educated, I have a Bachelor degree in Biology). Also, when she wants to go to class early I will do so she can review material I am already comfortable with. 

We are at the end of Fundamentals and have many opportunities to work in open skills lab to prepare for the clinicals practicum. 

I have asked repeatedly if she will work in skills lab to practice head to to assessement and vital signs. She has refused to do so. I would practice with other students but they are practicing with their partner for the test. 

She didn't want to practice even immediately before the test, just wanted to review the papers. I failed my clinicals test. After I tested she wanted to practice VS and HTA on me. Since she wouldn't practice with me and I feel like that had a direct effect on my clinical skills I refused to let her take my VS or do HTA  on me.

Am I being totally ***y or is she totally selfish?

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You are only wise to watch out for yourself.  Beware that you will find a lot of this passive aggressive behavior on the job too.  Right now I am dealing with two coworkers who will not lift a finger if they can help it.  I know not to say anything because it will be me in the end who pays for their laziness.  In your case though, maybe a word to the instructor is in order before this problem gets even worse.

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