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LVN Lonestar 2017 Hopeful


Hi, everyone! Haven't seen much of these type of forums around. I have been looking for a thread to see who else is on the same boat as I am. Currently in the process of applying for the LVN program at Kingwood this upcoming Fall. I just finished getting my HEP B Titer done today and awaiting results. If I may add, what is everyone's admission score? I am hoping to get in with a 7.29 :nailbiting:

BTW, for those needing to get their HEP B Titer done, I got mine from this site. Go to their "test packages" tab and look for "immunity panel". You can get the combined quantitative titers of MMR/Varicella/HEP B for $135! The results are posted within 1-3 business days. They also will have it on record for 7 years! You don't need to get a physician's order in order to get this. As long as you pay online, you can go to labcorp nearest you (I went to the one at their Kingsland location) as a walk-in. Your receipt is basically your doctor's order. I was able to purchase the test package and get my blood work done the same day and got my results 2 days later!

I hope this helps as I, too, looked everywhere. Getting the package done is cheaper than getting it individually.

With your score I'm sure you will get in

Thanks, @Mrsguillory ! I saw in another post that you are applying at Kingswood as well. Good luck to us. Hopefully we'll be classmates :)

I applied to Thr Montgomery LVN program with a 6.3 and was selected as an alternate. I thought about applying to Kingwood as well; but, I don't want to get denied or selected as an alternate again.

@FutureRNMelanie , I completely understand. I couldn't even apply last year as my scores were not satisfactory. I was even doubting if I should apply this year, because my scores seems to be barely making it. I'm just tired of waiting :( Don't lose hope and not give up. Just keep trying, you got this :)

I completely understand! I think you're score is pretty good, I hope that you and I get in for the upcoming semester; the waiting and anticipation is literally killing me!

Thanks, I hope it's good enough lol and I agree! Application deadline is almost near and I'm ready for my countdown :laugh:

I applied when they started taking applications. Hopefully they send emails soon.

@kristalmarie93 I agree. I am hoping to receive an e-mail by June 2nd, since that marks 2 weeks! What was your score on the score sheet? :) Good luck to you!

Thank you! Good luck to you as well! My total was 7.4

@kristalmarie93 That's a great score! Surely, you will get in :)

Has anybody received any letters yet? D:

Hi everyone! I got accepted! Did anybody else receive their letters?

I got accepted as well!! :)

Congrats, so happy for you guys! Will you be giving up your spot at the Montgomery campus?

I got accepted as well!! :)

Nevermind I saw your FB post; you already gave up your spot! I wonder if anyone else will, I'm so ready for this to be over with!

Congratulations! Will you be attending the Jun 19th orientation? :)

Melanie, keep your hopes up! I heard/saw a few applicants giving up their Montgomery spot.