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Lvn license waiting period???


Hi Everyone! I took my LVN exam last June 24, had a good pop up and received the letter already from BON stating that I passed. I already turned in the $150 initial license fee also. I checked the BON website to verify my license but my name is not posted yet. I checked on BreEZe but my name wasn't there too. I was just wondering how ling is the waiting period before I get to have my physical license. Thank you in advance.

BuckyBadgerRN, ASN, RN

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It probably depends on your state, they seem to vary a lot

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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The OP is in California, which is one of the slowest states when it comes to licensing issues. Another four to six weeks might elapse before you are issued a license number and your name appears online.

Be mindful that this is a busy time of the year for the CA BVNPT due to graduations and masses of initial licensure processing.

Thank you BuckyBadgerRN & TheCommuter. :)

Hi did you get your license ?

Hi @Nalencars

I'm still waiting for my physical copy of my license. How about you? When did you get your official result from the board? I called the BVNPT to ask the status of my license like a week ago, and they told me that it will take another week. So I'm giving it until the end of this week.

Woannewamos I took Nclex July 1st got my letter that I pass

Got the letter that I passed July 26th and sent the check with the letter July 28th ,still waiting

Did you check the BVNPT website to see if your name is there ?

I just called them and they said that they are still processing licenses from July 15 ,that will take 2 to 3 weeks to get my license ,this is a joke ,can't work because of that ;(

@Nalencars - i just called them earlier and they told me to give it another week. and i have an interview coming up. i hope to get at least my license number to show my employer. let's keep waiting. :)

I tried to apply but the employers say that they need at least the license number ,I need to work ,I don't want to apply as a CNA and in a couple of weeks quit the job,I'm so sad,too much wait .

Hope you get your license soon ;)

@Woannewamos did you get your license ?

@Nalencars - My name is already up at the board's website yesterday. I just have to wait for the physical license. How about you?

@Woannewamos not yet,I called them and they said that they are processing the letters that they got from July 25th ,I sent mine the 28th ,when did you send your letter ,I was trying to send a private message to you but I can't

@Nalencars - I received your private message. I sent back the letter, signed and the money order July 15.

Wow so I might have to wait at least 2 more weeks ,I'm so frustrated with that ,thanks for reply ,

@Nalencars - just wait, it will come eventually. let me know if you got your license already. good luck.


I saw my name posted online today ,finally ,I'm so happy