Lunch Everyone? Am I paranoid or what?

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Sounds like you need a new charge nurse..I've worked shifts where meal breaks weren't a problem, others where breaks had to be assigned(when everybody would 'dissapear' at the same time) safety #1 !!!

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You definitely need to take this up with your nurse manager. What did they do before you came along? Just left the patients alone?

It's a very dangerous situation for patients and for your license. If you accept report for all the patients while everyone else is at lunch, then you are responsible for anything that happens to them.


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Totally unacceptable. :angryfire We always had to rotate lunches so there was always equal coverage at all times. This seems just plain insane to me and even more so that the DON doesn't seem to have a problem with this. You are having to put your license as well as pt sfety at risk every day this happens. Let them know in no uncertain terms you will not allow this one more day!



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Totally unacceptable !!! as well as very Dangerous!!! I would absolutely refuse to be left on the floor alone. If the nurse manager doesn't agree, sounds like they don't care? I'd get the heck out of there. Your license is on the line, Run girl run.......!

I agree. If the director and charge nurse did not act on your complaint get out of there!!!!!!!! There are places where you can deliver safe care.

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