1. Just a question to my fellow Directors: what do all y'all wear to work? I've been in places where the DNS wears scrubs or street clothes and a lab coat or just street clothes.
    I was in a place today to meet with the DNS. She was wearing a skin tight dress, 7 necklaces, long hanging earrings, and open toed sandals with heels. I was surprised that a professional person would dress like that to run a building.
    Any opinions?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    That last one is certainly in contrast to my first DON this time around, who came to work in complete nurse's white, white dress, white hose, white shoes, and she wore her cap. She certainly impressed me at the time, and this was in the 90's.
  4. by   Nascar nurse
    I wear business casual, but often times with some type of professional looking (as can be found) gym shoes. I do wear a lab coat or lab vest about 1/2 the time depending on the temperature of the building on any given day. (Can you tell I'm getting older - my feet hurt and I get over heated a lot easier these days). I've thought of changing to scrubs just for the comfort factor but I have the business clothes and don't have the scrubs.

    Interestingly enough, I found out long after the fact that I actually got one DON job over another candidate because I interviewed in black slacks, a nice looking business top and low key black flats. The other well qualified candidate apparently interviewed in an outfit similar to what you describe. They decided that she was unlikely to be willing to get on the floor and get "dirty"
  5. by   mander
    I used to wear scrubs (and the white lab coat our admin loves way too much... hellooooo 90 degrees...). I'm pregnant and when my scrubs started getting tighter I bought exactly 5 pairs of pants to wear to work - dressy ones- and some nicer maternity tops. I might stick to this style because my DON and the other ADON (who is a bit older) both wear dressier clothes. But don't worry., we still get down and dirty when we're called in... dress shoes or not! (Mine are flat and not cloth.)

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