SNF's that accept pt on vent & receiving Hemodialysis

  1. I am working as a utilization management nurse for an insurance company and took over the job of some patients who have been in LTAC's in Arkansas and Oklahoma for an extended amount of time. The LTAC's are now wanting to DC the patients but there seems to be no facility in the area that will accommodate these patients. I have been told that the only facilities that can take these patients are in Illinois and Texas. Am I right? Does anybody know anything different on this?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I live in IL and work in a large nephrology practice. There are LTACHs here (Peoria, IL) that do accept vented/trach'd/G-tub'd dialysis patients.

    The caveat to this care though is the pt has to be able to be weaned from the vent or at least making some type of headway towards this end.

    The LTACH provides dialysis as well as ICU level care.

    When/if a pt remains vent dependent, they usually end up closer to Chicago as there are no nursing homes in central IL that will accept a vent-dependent adult as they would also require in-house dialysis.
  4. by   Nascar nurse
    I know of at least 2 LTC facilities in northwest indiana that accepts vent patients.
  5. by   vickyhike
    What about snf for trach/vent/dialysis?
  6. by   SuzieVN
    Plaza Healthcare in Scottsdale- they collect trachs from like a 7 state area. Used to live across the street- every day there was a long line of ambulances waiting to get to the door. Total HH. Was told they won't shut it down, no matter how nasty it may get, since there's no place to for those unfortunates to be kept.
  7. by   TexasValley
    Valley Grande Manor (SNF) in Texas accepts Vent patients and performs bedside dialysis for those unable to go to outpatient ESRD clinics. (956) 546-4568.
  8. by   phystherapistAJ
    I need help one step further - I have a 600lb+ bariatric patient that has a trach and uses a triology system. He was ambulatory until about 2 months ago. I CANNOT FIND A FACILITY in a 3 state area (we are in Arkansas) and believe me I have called every Nursing and Rehab and LTAC that is listed or has been recommended. I desperately want to find this young man (35 yr !!!) some help. His bariatric MD will not perform the sx unless he loses 100lbs... There has to be somewhere for him to go for rehab. If anyone has ANY suggestions, they are greatly appreciated !

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