New to mgmt, several questions

  1. Hi everyone. I have been nurse for some time, but recently new to supervisory role and this site. I have some random questions that am curious about as well as trying to get a feel for this site.

    My first question is orientation for CNA's. How long do you typically have a new cert CNA orient for an am, a pm and noc position. What do you use to determine their level of skill prior to hiring, previously I assumed with the cert that the basics were there but am coming to find out this may not be so true....

    Do the DON/ADON wear scrubs or business type clothing, frequency of either working the floor?

    My biggest frustration to date is both CNA (union) and nurse (non union) call offs. This has been a long standing problem at this facility, but more on that in a later post.

    Appreciate responses/input
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  3. by   noc4senuf
    The orientation i allow for nurses or CNA's is different for each one. Dependent on their experience, some may be up to a month. I make sure they have a good preceptor.

    I haven't owned scrubs since 2000. I wear business casual. If I am on the floor looking at wounds, feeding, toileting, whatever comes up as I walk through the building.... I and my clothes are washable.
  4. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    You get 3 days of orientation where I work. Every now and then I can tweak HR's arm to give a couple more if someone is struggling...
  5. by   DixieRedHead
    Different length of orientation depending on how they learn.

    DON wears scrubs if they want, I am the ADON, I wear scrubs and never thought of it. I didn't become a nurse to have to worry about what I wear.

    Call Offs (we have no Union). It's POLICY. Strictly by the policy, every time, every person. When you exceed the policy you are written up strictly according to the grid and if you exceed the grid you are gone. I hate to do it, but I really don't think I do it, they do it to themselves.
  6. by   nurse_autumn
    CNAs at my facility orient 3 days on each shift (this way they get one 7-3, one 3-11, one 11-7 on each of the main halls). If at this point they feel they need a little more orientation on the main shift they are going to be working on, they get it.

    DON and ADON both wear business casual.
  7. by   Shawn_RN
    I used to orient the new CNA's for at least 3 weeks on the shift that they would be working with the exception that the first two days were on day shift with thte therapy department and the restorative aide. I would also assign the same preceptor for the entire orientation period. At around the 2 week mark I would meet with the preceptor and the charge nurse and we would discuss how the new CNA was doing and whether they felt that more orientation was needed. The biggest obstacles for the new CNA are to learn your residents, your careplans, and facility policies. I would then meet with the new CNA before the end of the 3rd week and see how they felt they were doing and then make a determination whether further orientation was warranted.

    I chose to wear scrubs but you should choose whatever you feel most comfortable in. The only time that I wore business casual was for corporate meetings.

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