Negotiating salary for DON-LTC

  1. HELP! I have recently found this forum. Thank God I did your ideas and advice are awesome. Can anyone help me out with this one, $$$. I am new to LTC, only one year. However, have been a RN for 20 years in hospital. Already interviewed for DON job, going for round 2 on Monday. I anticipate salary will be brought up. The administrator is the interviewer. A bit of back ground on the facilty is this: I know they had 3 minor tags last year. (50 bed bldg.) may in previous years. I know there is no DON now, last one left a month ago. Moral is shakey, many fires per the adm. and Adm. already told me to expect to work (inhouse) at least 50 hrs. per week (for salary pay based on 40 of course). We are on the west coast Washington/Oregon. This is a non-profit organization, one of the largest in the country. What should my starting salary be or expected to be? Any other advice is welcomed and appreciated.
    Thank you in advance!!!
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    There are several sires you can look at to check local salaries. For my first DON job I made $78,000/ year. I had worked in LTC for years.I've been a director for about 10 years and make quite a bit more than that.South Carolina was offering less than what staff nurses make in Massachusetts. So much depends on where you live.
  4. by   HARLEYDNS
    Thank you CapeCodMermaid for your answer. Yes, I know that salary is based on location. I am west coast Washington/Oregon area. I also have another question if you have the time. I was told there would be a competency verification test. I am a good nurse, and know that pretty much I can pass a "nursing" test but I am concerned if there will be test questions regarding DON issues that I many not know about. Can you give me some ideas or do you know of somewhere I can go to get information. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for answering.
  5. by   Nascar nurse
    The competency verification test is probably something generated by the specific company you have applied to. There are 100's of different competency/behavioral evaluations that different companies use in their selection process - impossible to tell what your specific test will actually test.

    I started a new DON job last week and had to complete some behavioral analysis form (don't remember their exact name for the test). The first full computer screen gave 50-60 adjectives that I thought people expected me to be/pick all that apply...second screen gave me the same terms and asked me to pick all I thought I actually was. Hopefully I passed as I've already started there before they even tested me!
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I've never had to take a competency test to be a DON. I have had to take computerized tests which were supposed to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. I usually think those tests are a load of hooey.
  7. by   HARLEYDNS
    [Thanks for the replys. I wanted to let you all know how the 3rd interview went. I walked in to this interview and found that I would be questioned by 14 other directors and managers in the facility as well as the regional nurse consultant via phone. Talk about intimidating. I feel pretty good about it but wow, some really complex questions as well as very mentally draining. Sooooo, did I get the job??? I got a call from the facility yesterday, (the day after the 3rd interview) Well, believe it or not I go back tomorrow for round 4. What the heck?? Has anyone ever heard of 4 interviews for a job?? In all my years as a nurse I have never gone thru more that 2 for a particular job. I was told that after this interview I would be told yah, or nah. I am still wondering what kind of money I should expect. As I said before I was told to anticipate at least 50 hrs in the building per week, on call Monday thru Sunday every 3 weeks. Aprox. 100 employees, and it is a 60 bed facility which averages 40 full beds. Aprox. 20 rehab beds and 20+ long term beds. Any advice would greatly help. I live on the west coast, Oregon. One more thing, I have checked all the, ...etc...and still not getting a clear picture. I am an RCM and wonder what percentage of a raise from RCM to DNS I should ask for. 15%-20%...or more than that?? I really dont know. Again thanks for all your comments!
  8. by   CapeCodMermaid
    What is an RCM?
    I'm on call 24/7 even though there are other nurses theoretically on call the weekends, I am the one who gets the call. I've been at my current job since June and I have had 2 weekend days since then without a call.
    I've had many job interviews in my career. Some offered me the job on the spot and others had a process with multiple interviews by a large group of people. I find it annoying more than anything.
    60 beds is a very small least by Massachusetts standards. A new DNS out here in a building that small...somewhere between 75 and 80K.
  9. by   HARLEYDNS
    Again thank you for your feedback. RCM is a Resident Care Manager, manage a unit and do the MDS for that unit. Thanks for the info on the pay. Today is the day I find out if I get the job or not. I do know that there is NO money worth this type of commitment. The facility is about average here, it also has apartments, and Home Care in the same building. Only a few others with more beds and a few with less.
  10. by   SRK77
    Is it a CCRC?
  11. by   HARLEYDNS
    I'm sorry what is that?
  12. by   SRK77
    Continuing Care Retirement Community. I work at one and it sounded similar since it has apartments.
  13. by   HARLEYDNS
    WOOHOO! I got the job after 4 grueling interviews (finally) and FYI, ?I got a 22% raise! I know it will be a challange, sounds like lots of systems are broke but I am willing to learn and do the best I can to get it into shape. The survey window isn't until July, so hopefully we can get it together by then.
  14. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Congratulations!! Keep us posted on how things are going.