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  1. Every morning all department heads met for daily standup. The majority of the meeting consists of nursing going over the 24 hour report, t.o's, incidents and occurances, infections, upcoming meetings. The problem is I'm always scattered. There's no real flow to the process. Looking for ideas to make the standup meeting go better.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I like to come in about half an hour before I really need to be at work so I can review the previous day's incident reports, alert charting, new orders and so on in relative peace and quiet. This enables me to come to stand-up organized and ready.

    Since I don't punch a time clock, it doesn't matter what time I arrive, and I usually take a long lunch to compensate for the extra time I'm in the building. I call it my "invisible hour" because unless there's a bona fide emergency, I simply don't deal with staff or residents first thing in the morning.
  4. by   Nascar nurse
    Describe what you mean by being scattered.

    My standup meeting is at 9. I am in by 7 which gives me plenty of time to listen to shift change report, review the written 24 hour report, followup on any changes in resident condition, falls, new wounds, etc. I get a quick resident round in as well. Most mornings I am pretty well organized by stand up report.
  5. by   txadon
    The problem I have is we have 3 different nurse's stations, they give report at 6am, then hit the floor. I am usually there by 7am. I meet with my unit managers about 30 mins prior to standup at 9am. We are supposed to go over 24 hour report, t.o's, incidents, etc. The process is so slow and often times I don't even get to the second unit manager in time for standup. Nascar Nurse, you mentioned you hear report from the nurses. Do you have one nurses station or do you do a huddle? Also, you mentioned you do a quick resident round. Are you literally going room by room? How do you do that without getting pulled in a million directions? BTW, do you have unit managers?
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  6. by   achot chavi
    We start at 7, I am there at 7, but take a half hour to check computer reports - incident reports, nurses notes so I have an idea of whats going on before I make rounds. I keep a DON/ADON report book where I write the important details, and we only have a weekly Unit Manager meeting for 1 and a half hours each Sunday.
    This works for us. It all depends on what works for you.
    You might want to set a standard flow to your meetings, For example start with a quick review of the previous day/weeks worst problems, then go unit by unit to hear in a set routine, whatever information you seek, collect reports etc then save problems for after report and sharing information for last.
    Good luck!
  7. by   Nascar nurse
    Our shift change is at 7am. I have 3 units broke into 22 beds each, but they all share a centralized nurses station. I typically listen to the skilled unit shift report as that is where the most changes are likely to be. The others will fill me in on important stuff at the end. I have 3 unit managers but they are working unit managers, meaning they are also the nurse assigned to work the floor that day. While standing listening to report, I'm digging around the nurses station reading orders, labs, going thru the piles of papers (hate the paper piles that get stuffed where they don't belong and left), etc.

    And, yes, as soon is report is over, I physically walk the units...and usually walk a few residents back up the hall with me to walk to dine. I really don't get many interruptions or pulled in a million places while doing this. It's also helpful that many of the other department heads aren't there until 9am so there are less people to pull me around.

    When getting report from your nurses are they able to stay on task? Are they giving you every little detail about every singe issue? This can be a time killer. Maybe you can guide them into a condensed report.
  8. by   txadon
    Thanks for the great feedback. When my unit managers give report we are in my office and it usually becomes a griping session on what didn't get done or problems on the unit. I like how you incorporate resident rounds prior to standup. I will try these suggestions on Monday.
  9. by   achot chavi
    Sounds like your staff are a bunch of complainers, I would throw it back at them, and tell them to grow up and handle their problems...Again good luck....
  10. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Our morning meeting starts at 9. Department heads mention anything out of the ordinary for their day. Then we do clinical. Each of the three unit managers comes to the meeting with any incident reports and charts from the day before. I review all new orders for completeness and follow through. I take notes on clinical and make sure any issues get followed up before the end of the day.
  11. by   adnil65
    We have Morning stand up here too. (I'm the ADON & a new one at that). We do not go over every single resident within the meeting. Each dept head is given the opportunity to say somethig that will effect the facilty, ie: pending admissions, discharges, pts going out on an activity, & other issues that might be relavent to the day to day workings.
    The meetings are Mon- Fri @ 9am & I take notes, so if I need to I can follow-up on something from earlier in the week I have it there in my hands.
    I also go to every unit and do an informal "whats new" & "how are things going" round, but thats at 6am.
    Sounds like you need to real people in alittle and get them focused & get more to the point. Good luck.
  12. by   achot chavi
    6AM! WOW! You are really dedicated!
  13. by   adnil65
    LOL! Not like you make it sound!
    I work from 6 to 2:30 (mostly). Sort of as a liason with the 3rd shift. But I took the job knowing that my hours could fluctuate & I might find myself working late morning to early evening at some point.
  14. by   pixie120
    Quote from adnil65
    LOL! Not like you make it sound!
    I work from 6 to 2:30 (mostly). Sort of as a liason with the 3rd shift. But I took the job knowing that my hours could fluctuate & I might find myself working late morning to early evening at some point.
    WOW, my administrator would FLIP if I left before 6 pm. Seriously. And I work every Sat, drop in on Sundays. I have new RCM's, and they are both struggling, they complain a lot and get overwhelmed. I was an RCM for years, and realistically, I still am, since I have to follow-up on everything myself. I am the skin team director (cuz if I didn't go, keep it moving, it won't get done), incident reports are half-filled out and we struggle all day cuz we are a new team, but we are getting better everyday. I do believe in mentoring and educating but when I took over the building, there was no team in place for nurse management, not even a Staff Development nurse. Very difficult but as I put the systems into place, we are starting to get a flow going. I have had to turn over all but 3 of the floor nursing staff, and I will probably turn over the entire nursing assistant staff if I want to be successful. I am,myself very organized, but the team is not, and some are quite resistive. The entire management team has turned over as well, lots of learning going on.

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