Is this abuse? Emotional blackmail?

  1. Activity director was overheard by staff talking to several residents "I gave up a $60,000 a year job last week to stay with you guys because you are my friends! State is coming soon, I hope you all give me good reviews!!" Suggestions? Thoughts? Thank you for your advice in advance. I have to address this first thing Monday morning.
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  3. by   Ruas61
    I wouldn't say abuse unless there is more to the nteraction. Highly inappropriate. It makes you wonder what else has been said. It really also makes one think that they could become abusive wit pressure tactics or veiled threats.
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  4. by   lucinda1518
    She has been receiving ongoing counseling for awhile now. This is not the first inappropriate thing she has said, she has caused a lot of hard feelings by telling the residents things about staff and other department heads that they do not need to know...she has been told to clean up her act and do her job correctly, do assessments, one on ones, contribute to care plans, and not to document someone at activities when they are not in the building, she is attempting to get the residents to back her up....sigh....
  5. by   caliotter3
    Sounds as if it won't take much more effort to have enough ammunition to make her gone. Things should improve once she is gone.
  6. by   lucinda1518
    I really don't want to terminate her, just want her to do her job, listen to direction, abide by state and facility regulations, and STOP getting the residents all riled up....she just likes to keep that pot stirred up all the time! The staff who overheard thought it fell under abuse and I think it is awfully darned close, bribery, coersion, just want a few opinions.....

    Just read my own answer here and sounds kind of silly. I have to agree with the previous post.....probably do need to quiet things down by making her gone....
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  7. by   caliotter3
    People that like to stir things up usually don't change, even to save their own livelihood. I wouldn't get my hopes up that she changes.
  8. by   Ruas61
    If she is falsifying documents- she needs to be gone. That is something one does not get a pass for.

    Once you have someone who does the job correctly you will wonder why you ever put up with it.
  9. by   nursetiffany.
    Maybe not abuse. But extremely unprofessional. I'd give a verbal/written warning for it.
  10. by   achot chavi
    I would make sure that the residents know that she was just kidding and of course they should feel free to speak their minds at all times, they should be assured that even if they give "bad reviews" to anyone - it is OK. Criticism is fine and we always want to hear what they have to say - the good , the bad and the indifferent. I would even go so far as to tell some of the more sensitive patients individually that they should know that she didnt mean it, and if anyone asks her anything, they can always tell the truth without fear.
    I would also give this Rec Director tips on what she CAN say and what her limits are. I have found that negative comments ("Dont do this, dont say that") rebound, but steering her in what she CAN say works better. Together build a repertoire of cheerleader type comments like "Who's your favorite Activities Director?" and " I just love spending time with you, you are the greatest!", even "Dont I plan the most exciting and fun activities for my favorite residents?" Its ok to toot your own horn as long as its within good taste and stresses the positive.
    Mentioning state survey to a patient is a real no-no!
  11. by   AlexCNA
    At least in Texas that would fall under emotional/psychological abuse. The staff member is using their position to coerce a resident into giving them a positive review. Specifically, this violates the residents rite to complain about their treatment at the LTC facility. Even if the complaints are not valid they still have the right to complain about anything they don't like. I would go to the abuse coordinator about it. It's their job to handle the situation. It's your job to report it.

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