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  1. What in the world does one do with an obnoxious regional nurse consultant??? It seems like the people at corporate like her, but she lies when the truth would do better. She comes in to my facility, sits down, talks on her cell phone, and tells me crazy things. Last week, she threw a hissy fit when she discovered I had a body alarm on a resident and did not do the restraint paperwork. I told her it was not a restraint. She said that it alerted a nurse to go sit them back down, so by golly it was a restraint and I certainly would do the paperwork. When I questioned someone at corporate about it, she then denied having said any such thing. She complained in a report to corporate that I had not put weights in the computer, hadn't kept up with the PAR book (my charting on each resident), hadn't reviewed new orders right, etc. It was all done right. When I showed my administrator that it was done (that same day, right after she left, which was when I read what she wrote), he called corporate. They laughed and just said to overlook her. She is demanding that I report things to the state that are clearly not state reportables. I've called the state so they could sigh over the phone and tell me it was not reportable, to please read the information about it again. I have read it...it is this regional nurse who apparently should read it. I am just frustrated, and not willing to quit. I've wished many a flat tire on this woman, just to keep her out of my building. Anyone else have this problem?:uhoh21:
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  3. by   debRN0417
    What a kook! You sound as if you are handling things and yourself really well. Just do what you are doing and document things in a journal or somewhere that you can keep (dates, times- crazy things you are told) so that you have it if you ever need to refer back to it because she sounds like she has issues. I had to laugh at the restraining body alarm! haha! How does your administrator feel about her? Have you all talked about it? Obviously corporate knows she's nuts. Maybe you and you administrator can talk to someone over her in the corporate chain about your concerns- but you may just have to bite the bullet and tolerate her.
  4. by   travel50
    You'd think corporate would realize that she's nuts. I am not the only DON who thinks she's crazy and has complained. But still they keep her. Honestly, and this is really ugly so forgive me...but if she looked half way decent I'd wonder who she was sleeping with. But she looks like a bag lady. First time my social worker saw her, she thought she was a homeless person who'd come in hoping to stay. My administrator is about to pull out what little hair he has left. But when he complained to his corporate boss, he was told that he was just favoring his DON. He said that yes, he certainly was, and this woman is nuts. Didn't do any good. If it wasn't so aggravating, I could laugh.
  5. by   achot chavi
    Have witnesses in the room for all meetings with her. Keep your own notes and document.
    I know this is time consuming and takes you away from your work, maybe that is her idea....
    Dont try to charm her, tell her jokes or get on her good side, be professional and courteous.
    Focus on the good work that you do and that will serve your best. Try to avoid being defensive,

    and yeah,we all have kooks like that to deal with, be careful.
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I worked for a company once that had a nutty corporate nurse. She didn't bother me but one of the other DNSs wouldn't allow her in the building. She told me she kept a file on all the annoying/crazy/illegal things the woman did and sent copies to the owner of the company. Apparently it was bad enough to keep her out of that building but not out of mine. Good luck.

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