Abandoning Patients

  1. So, this may be more of a rant, but....
    I had an agency nurse working a double. She's a bit peculiar but competent enough I thought. First she refused to help the other 3-11 nurse pick a patient up off the floor. "Not my resident" she said. Then on the 11-7 shift, she tells the CNA that she is stressed out, threw a phone number at him , said call if you need me and disappeared. She showed up 2 hours later. What is the matter with people?? I've done my investigation and tomorrow I'll be reporting her to the board and the DPH. Personally, I think her license should be revoked forever.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    We had a house supervisor on night shift who would sleep all over the facility, both behind closed doors and in front of everybody at one of the nursing stations. She once had the audacity to write up a savvy LVN who prided herself on getting paid for sleeping. The LVN went to the DON with allegations. The DON paid the facility a visit and, of course, caught the RN sleeping away. In a few days, the RN was gone and the LVN went around bragging about her conquest. I really don't sympathize with people who play the disappearing act on night shift. It isn't fair to other employees and most of all the residents or patients.
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    She was the only nurse in the building. Thank goodness none of the patients needed a PRN or coded.
  5. by   achot chavi
    CCM - take this all the way, its nurses like that who give our profession a bad name.
    Refusing to help by saying the patient isn't her responsibility- What a GALL!!
    Leaving for 2 hours? ANYTHING could have happened!!

    I am curious what the agency had to say about it!?
    Is there a history of problems?

    I have to do a monthly surprise visit during the night shift. Usually I go after a late wedding or party, sometimes I set my clock for 2am and go then.
    3 yrs ago, I caught an LPN snoring away in his man-made nest. Couldn't wake him even by calling his name fairly loudly. (I was afraid to shake him lest he have a heart attack and sue me...)
    I reported him and he was fired.
    I do not need to worry as this will not happen again, the staff still talk about it. Made quite an impression.

    You really need to make an example out of this neglectful and abusive behavior on the part of the agency nurse.

    I am sorry that you have to deal with this!
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    The DPH has started an investigation.
  7. by   debRN0417
    The nurse deserves the discipline of the DHP. You CANNOT leave your patients unattended for any reason without someone else there to take your role.
  8. by   expltcrn
    Bad nurse - bad person - must not be allowed to continue to practice just to endanger more lives!