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Hi to all ..

I'm hoping I don't get too bashed up with this post, heh. But you can only act and then find out, eh? :)

Okay, my name's Mike. I'm studying right now for my CNA. I'm looking forward to getting this and then I'm planning on applying at some nursing homes. I've heard that that's the best place to start for new CNA's. I'm taking the 75 hour course.

And here's where my questions start rolling in. (And please forgive me. I realize this is a Nurses site/forum board. If I'm not welcome here, please say so and I'll leave ya in peace, no hard feelings, heh. :p )

What would be a better choice for me as far as my CNA goes. Should I take the 120 hour course or should I take the 75 hour. I know the difference between the two being that one restricts you to a nursing home while the other permits you to expand your work area and go into an actual hospital. I'm not necessarily asking for someone to tell me what I should do. Moreso I'm just wondering what others would do. I'm considering calling up my local Community College and signing up for the 120 hour course instead. But, what other advantages are there to this besides the little I know?

Next, after I get my CNA I'm gonna work this job for about six months and make sure it's something I wanna do for absolute sure, ya know (if that makes any sense). I'm pretty sure this is what I wanna do. I'm just starting from the very, very bottom/beginning right now. I wanna work my way up.

If I like working as a CNA I want to go to school for my RN. I'm taking my associates in science right now. And then rep at my local community college told me once I have my A.S. I can just start right in on my RN studies (or something like that? .. is that right?). All I know is that I have to get my A.S. first and get on the waiting list for the RN thing. It's like a two year waiting list so it'll be perfect.

Also, what are some good sites, some good books to start reading up and studying on .. things of that nature where I can go and look up and read? I'm really, VERY excited about all this but I'm starting from ground zero (which I'm sure everyone here has done as one point or another in their lives).

Welp, I think that's all for now. I'll definitely be returning to see what answers and replies I got. Hopefully I won't get too much heat for being such a newbie. :p Hehe.

*Michael (aka. - fr33shot)


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Yay! I see all these views on my post already. Gosh dang! :) Hurry hurry .. I wanna read what'chall have to say!!!

*Michael (aka. - fr33shot)


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Wow. =/

J. B.

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Go for the 120 Hrs you will not regret it. The more exposure the better at this point. You say you are testing the waters..Dive in rather than tip toe.

I have 24 years and started as an Orderly (Some used to call me a disorderly Orderly) anyway any other questions just let me know.

John Bosco


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Unless you think that LTC is where you want to end up, take the 120 hour course and find a hospital job. You will learn far more and have a much greater variety even if the pay is a little less.

I was a CNA in both LTC and Acute care while going to nursing school. You only need to practice feeding someone and transfering them to the commode so many times before you get it.

Just my 2 cents worth.



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Sweet deal! I'll give my school a call today and see how much trouble it'd be to switch from 75 to 120. I dunno what the price difference will be plus I already bought the books for the 75 .. but I'll call and see what the difference will be and I'll get it paid.

I wanted to get others' opinions first though, heh. :o I have no clue where I'll end up four years from now when it's all said and done (or however many it'll be). But I sure am excited! :)

Thank you for your help, both of you. And Mr. Bosco .. I'm sure I will have TONS of questions as I go. :) I'll be sure to ask away, heh. It's good to know I'm okay to post here even though I'm not an actual Nurse (yet) and I'm just now starting on everything like getting my CNA and stuff!


J. B.

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I am an advid supporter of owning ones own business. I just thought that because you are new and it doesnt matter how old you are that keeping ones eyes open for opportunity is a must.

In todays market building assests is a must. Keep out of debt as much as possible live below your means...etc.

There is no such thing as luck..what really is luck (opportunity meeting up with prepardiness.

PM me any time Michael

John Bosco

Katnip, RN

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I agree with the others, I'd go with 120 hours. It won't be a waste.

As far as reading material, I'd suggest a couple of nursing journals, but when I read them as a nursing student I was totally lost. They help now, though. I don't know if there's a journal for CNAs. Would be nice to find out though. I'd think even a quarterly would be helpful for those in that profession.

Ok, now I'm off to see if there's a separate CNA association or journal. Will let you know if I find something.


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welcome to you.....

i think you got good advice before my post. i just wanted to welcome you!!! best wishes.

Erin RN

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I would go for the longer class so that perhaps you could get into the hospital as a CNA while you go to nursing school. You will get used to the "flow" of things which can be overwhelming in itself.

As far as books..I think you would benefit from some basic anatomy and physiology books. Once you know the workings of the body read some basic pathphysiology books so you can start to learn how disease effects the body. If you have a basic knowledge of all of that going in you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your classmates. Then when it comes to the pharmacology (medication) stuff. You will already be aware of what is happening and you will be more able to assimilate how the drug is going to counteract the disease process....

I have been where you are now and wish you luck. It is a fun and rewarding career with many possibilities.



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Thanks so VERY much to all who posted in reply to my questions!! I am extremlely excited to be entering this field of study as well as a career! I am hoping for so much and I know I will achieve it if I do this. :)

Again, thanks guys!


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