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I am in the process of applying to the LSU CARE program (2017). This may seem silly, but I just want to confirm... The HESI isn't necessary for this program, right? I already emailed the appropriate person with this question, and was told to "look over the admission criteria page "very carefully"... No "yes" or "no" answer. I need to confirm to alleviate some of my anxiety!


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CARE is based on gpa, recs, and essay if I remember correctly. But definitely no HESI required.

Sorry for replying so late, but thank you for your feedback! Do you know what the interview is like? It says "on-line interview." Does that mean I'll be at home video-chatting?

I was also wondering about the "on-line" interview. Have you heard anything else regarding this?

Also does if you have repeated a course more than once do they use both grades for you pre-req GPA?

anddddd one more post for the day.

Anyone know an estimated number of applicants? And number of seats?

anddddd one more post for the day.

Anyone know an estimated number of applicants? And number of seats?


The online interview is not in "real time". They will send you a link with the question or questions that you are suppose to answer, then you come up with your responses and submit. Pretty straight forward and simple!

Does anyone know when we should hear back after the application deadline?

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I think we should hear back by Feb 15.. judging from previous applications.. I am super nervous.

Hey guys! I just got my interview email yesterday, what about y'all??

I got mine yesterday as well. Can we open it and think about our answers for a few days or is it that if we open the questions, we must answer them that day?

How I understood it was we have to open it and submit our answers that day. In the email it says we have unlimited time to think about our answers before we record it, and we also have 3 chances to record an answer. So I hope that the site will save each recording (if necessary) and we can pick which one we want to actually submit. I plan on doing mine tomorrow so I will let y'all know how it's set up.

OK sounds good. I also interpreted it that same way. Good luck :3c

I completed the interview today! Unfortunately you cant save the videos as you go, so if you want to retake the video it deletes the previous one :( All in all though the interview was not bad!

Were the questions what you anticipated them being? Good luck to you :) and thanks for letting us know how it worked!

Thank you! Good luck to all of ya'll as well. Definitely not what I was expecting though. The last question was super unusual. They were not very complicated, so you guys should be good! You get unlimited time to think of an answer, which was very helpful.

:) Awesome. I think that I don't want them to be too generic.

If I havent gotten an interview email, does that mean I am not getting in the program? Or just that they are taking awhile to get through the applicants


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