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Hi I am preparing for LS3 how did everyone else prepare for this test? I need to finish this one and retake LS1 and I will be finish with my nursing exams. Thanks in advance!!!!:confused:

I used sg101 and the practice exams. I don't know what you're shooting for (A, pass only, etc) but sg101 does not cover the content as in depth as it needs to be for LS2 or LS3 (the rest were fine). passable yes, "A" doubtful. assuming you're not already using it, I would definitely recommend sg101 for your LS1 retake.


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Thanks I have their notes and TCN notes which is ok an A would be great but from the sound of this exam a B or C is acceptable!!!!


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Thank you so much for your help reebokHCFR....dumb question but where do I find SG101 and practice exams? Is that all you used to study from? I have never taken an Excelsior I am nervous. I have to take the RN transition exam.....the clinical competency...and the CPNE...I believe that is all...I am not sure how long this will take me...but I want to be done now.....:(! I need any advice please...thank you!

the cpne is the clinical component. there is an FCCA that's some sort of nursing care plan test that comes in the mail. of course they only send it at certain times, so I'm sitting here waiting on them to get around to sending it. very annoying when you work your tail off to get the classes done and then they make you wait. anyway, that's nice that you really only have two classes to do. sg101 can be found here: Study Guides You'll find one for all the nursing classes. I would definitely recommend it for transitions, but it was lacking for LS3. You can buy it online and download it instantly. It basically has one main study file (~60 pages) and lots of practice tests and other related information. The excelsior practice tests can be bought from excelsior through your excelsior login. they are $75. I saw almost every single question in the practice exams (your $75 gets you 2 100 question practice exams) in the sg101 practice tests, so I wouldn't recommend buying the practice exam for LS3. However, since you've never taken an excelsior test, it may help you to see how they write the questions and be more comfortable in the exam. Also, do you have the Content Guide? There are sample questions at the end of it which also help you see what they are looking for, not to mention a specific outline of everything that could be on the exam. It also includes the textbooks (names, isbn numbers, etc) where the exams are taken from. so if you would feel better, or already have those books, you can study that way.


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Thank you so much for all your help!


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Good luck on taking this exam currently studying for it now.


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this is my next exam.. started studying for it.. send me your email address.. because I cant PM yet..


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FYI - The sg101 for LS3 has been updated, mine is dated October 2012 and I think reebokHCFR took the exam in maybe 2011(?) - I thought it was pretty thorough