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Hello everyone! I am currently enrolled in a 4 yr college and have applied to enter nursing program in the Fall. I attended college about 11 years ago, did really horrible, so I am worried that my GPA will keep me out of the program. I also am married, 3 children, therefore broke while attending school!

I received a packet regarding an LPN program about 2 minutes away from my house Friday. Because of the uncertainty of getting into the RN program, plus it will be 2 1/2 years before I would get out, not even starting until next Fall, I am considering the LPN program, which is only 1 year.

Do you guys have any opinions on this? I mean, my "plan" would be to continue on later to possibly get my RN after the kids are in school, in the meantime working and making money.

I guess my question is, in some states LPN's can and cannot do certain procedures, etc. What are the differences in Missouri? I also looked up salary.com to see the comparisons in my area for RN and LPN (i'm in KC), which isn't really too bad, but do you find that to be accurate?

I am just worried I might make the wrong decision. Sorry I rambled so long, but I just want this so bad, and now I am faced with another decision!! I hate decisions!


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Good for you to decide to go back to school!

The differences in what an RN can do vs. what a LPN can do in Missouri are:

LPNs don't hang blood

LPNs don't do IV pushes

LPNs cannot start IVs except peripheral with the cath

LPNs cannot administer certain IV meds such as chemo

Hummmmm, I think that's about it. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven't been trained, and/or don't have experience doing something, don't do it.

The choice between going to LPN or RN is really your decision. All the things you talked about (family, expenses, etc.) are part of it. I would just recommend that any LPN program that you attend be a "step" program where your hours can be applied to the RN program should you decide to continue. If you take an LPN program where the hours don't automatically apply to the requirements for the RN program, then you basically have to retake the same information again. Also be aware that even in some of the "step" programs, if you don't go on for your RN within 5 years, you start all over, also.

Leave the options open to continue for your RN, if you go LPN first. And find out BEFORE you enroll in the LPN program what will apply to the RN program you plan to enter.

Good luck to you!


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In my opinion, if you only have 2 1/2 years to go.....keep going and don't stop. It will take just as long to complete the LPN and then bridge to an RN and you will end up with an associate's degree instead of a bachelor's degree. Think about it. You won't have to bridge for your BSN later on.

If I'm right, your packet was from Penn Valley. That's where I graduated from with my ADN. It took two years and one semester.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a less expensive way to get your RN, the community college would be the way to go. Have you checked into all the financial aid options at your present school?

As far as the 'making money' part. I really don't know how much graduate LPN's make. I can tell you that graduate RN's start from $16-18/hr here in kansas city. At Liberty Hospital, where I work, they start new grads off at 18.30/hr. That may be the highest in the metro area....and I've checked around. Keep in mind when you're searching for salary info...they may be giving you the pay amounts of experienced ...... not new graduate nurses.

School is frustrating no matter where you decide to go. Just weigh your options and choose the one that's best for you.



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LPNs, however, can take additional courses to become IV certified. Would they then be able to do these things? I don't know how it is in your part of the state, but for some of the hospitals around here, I see job postings that require one to be an RN or an IV-certified LPN. So is there much difference between the two? In terms of job duties, I mean, since there is an educational (and probably pay) difference.


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I know that I am an IV certified LPN, and in my state, I still can't push IV meds, or hang blood. I can only start Peripheral IV's- no central lines, etc. And I can't initiate anything into a central line or D/C one. Those are the only things I can't do where I work, period. But I also am Telemetry and ACLS certified.


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Originally posted by dianacs

LPNs, however, can take additional courses to become IV certified. Would they then be able to do these things?

Just to answer this question...

The LPN programs in Missouri now include IV certification as part of the program. The older graduates (before IVs were included into the curriculum) have to take a 40-hour certification course. Also reciprocity LPNs whose original out-of-state school did not include enough IV hours to be certified in Missouri have to take the additional class. But, even with the certification, an LPN has limitations on doing IVs as I mentioned above.


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Hi, I'm a IV Cert. LPN and 'trying' to finish my RN......someday;)

I work at DePaul in St.Louis and love it.

I think the same goes for just about every state regarding LPN's and IV Therapy......

I can't initiate blood but can monitor it.......I know how to-even had to 'talk' a RN through the set up because she had never done it before........

I can't hang Chemo drugs.......wouldn't want to!!

I can't start PICCs, Centrals, etc.......don't have a desire to do that either

I can't hang certian meds.........no biggie there, don't usually see them in Acute Rehab.

I'm not offended by this and it won't be a big major event when I grad/pass nclex

My assignments are exactly equal to the RN's I work with, we help eachother/teamwork!

My pay is allitle more than what a grad/RN starts out here.....so my question is this.....when I grad....will my pay go down??? :chuckle Just kidding.....there are alot of opportunities out there for ALL nurses......do what you feel is right for you, you will be more satisfied and happy that way!

Good luck!!

My daughter works at ShawneeMissionMed...she is a Radiology Tech and loves it. She is thinking of RN school too.


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I also am married, have 3 kids, a dubious college GPA and was considering LPN school. I am now in LPN school. A nearby hospital (Northeast Ohio) offers a 1 year LPN to RN program as does the nearby branch of Kent State U. So, I could go to either a 2 to 2 1/2 year RN program or (2) 1 year programs. After LPN school, I SHOULD have my LPN license and a chance to get some experience before RN school, should I choose to do so. For me, it was a no-brainer.


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Thanks you guys. The LPN route is looking not only more affordable for me, but the time period also is better. I think I will definitely look into the LPN more. You all really helped alot. I have friends who are RN's, but none who are LPN's, so it helps to hear from you.


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At my college (a very small rural community college) we have a "laddered program".......the first year you are eligible for NCLEX-PN, and after the second year you have an ADN and are eligible for NCLEX-RN. I have one semester left in the ADN portion, and am working as a LPN currently. There is a vast difference in the knowledge that students in my class have, the girls that are not working right now seem constantly flustered and have very little time management skills. I am glad that I have taken the time to practice as a LPN while obtaining my ADN, I am telemetry and IV trained already, so that makes my "hire-ablility" as I call it much greater than other new RN's with no experience.........since I am not from Missouri, I don't know, but most of the nurses that I work with have obtained their licenses in this manner.

Good luck!


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I agree TeleNurse. I feel that I might be more comfortable getting my LPN, working, then going for the RN. I think I am leaning towards that decision. Who knows!


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Has anyone attended Concorde Career College in KC Missiouri, if so what do you think about program? And where are you working? Heard you can't get a job at a hospital???

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