lpns in hospitals?


I was just wondering, does anyone know if hospitals hire LPN's in mass? I am almost done with school, and i intend on going on to get my RN but that wont start until a year from now- until then the bills need to be paid, and its a great opportunity to get some experience under my belt...eventually id like to work in the special care- level 2 nursery.Ive had clinicals on the medsurg floor at a hospital- bubt they dont hire LPN's. I was just wodnering if anyone knew of any specific hospitals that may hire me, under the supervision of an RN...

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I believe MGH still hires LPNs. That's the only hospital I can think of but I could be wrong.

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MGH does not hire LPN for inpatient nursing. Spaulding, NE Sinai, Braintree, and Kindred does as well as the VA.


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There's an ad for one LPN job at Lahey on monster.

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The Lahey position is in the outpatient clinic. You can find similar jobs at MGH or BWH- sll clinic settings.


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I'm not sure if St's memorial in lowell still hires Lpns but if they do, you do need experience


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Psych Hospitals people. Hire LPNs like crazy. Psych is not that bad. Then again I have worked (not as a nurse) at a psych hospital for 3+ years.

Unless psych nursing is your goal. In my opinion psych nursing is a good place to start off and a good place to finish up.

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