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Wife and I are considering a move to the Richmond area. It's about an hour from family in Virginia and rents are much cheaper. The biggest reason is cost and abundance of programs in the State for nursing.

Coming from up North very little opitions in our State and rest break the bank. We're talking $50 to $60 Grand for an ASN. The inexpensive programs that are around $30K are wicked competitive due to the cost.

Wife is an LPN. I am considering going to LPN school as well. First looking to see what kind of work can find in my current field in the State for psych tech's. Considering doing a $30K LPN program up here and then go for my BSN down in Virginia. Wife wants to get her BSN down in Virginia as well.

There does seem to be a good number of LPN jobs from what we researched. Any thought on how the future of LPNs look for VA? Defientky a much larger State then where we come from so don't have to zero in on one location, which is a plus. Is pay food for LPNs? Figure with lower COL pay be around $15 to $20 An hour. Up here it's about $25 to $30, but wicked expensive.

Appreciate the insight anyone can give.

Also heard rumors prerequisite science classes don't have a 4 to 5 yr expiration, but a 10 yr expiration is that true?

Specializes in Geriatrics, Dialysis.

Have you done any job searches in that area to see what's available? Seems to me that's the logical first step.

$30,000 for a LPN program, that is $$$$. My RN ADN at Northern Virginia community college was well under $10,000. Good luck in your search, I know at Reston Hospital they were at 1 time telling the LPNs to obtain their RNs or they would be out of a job.

A recruiter from HealthSouth (Name may have changed) told our CNA class last year that there were hardly any jobs for LPNs and to go for RN.

I'm not sure about the Richmond area, however I am looking into the Hampton area and there seem to be plenty of jobs from LTC to corrections to clinics and even some floor nursing in selected units. I have been searching on Indeed.com and new openings are added daily. I am coming from upstate NY so I understand the challenges. Good luck! :)

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