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Hello to my fellow nurses with all credentials. I am a nurse who has been in Nephrology for over 10 years. I have worked the clinical floor for greater than 8 years and now am in the role of education for my patients. I desire to go into business for myself doing this very same thing. I am not looking to obtain my RN immediately as life does not allocate for that commitment. However, working for myself, doing what I love , will I'm sure, open up doors for me in this arena. Please help with what is the protocol for such an endeavor and more specific to the guidelines for each state. All info is welcomed and appreciated. I am an LPN and would like encouraging information , not the " You're not an RN type response." I am a compassionate , committed nurse who absolutely love what I do. My credentials are never questioned. My experience, knowledge and License as an LPN are my credentials. Thank you all so much!

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Check your state scope of practice. LPNs generally cannot practice nurse without the oversight of an RN, MD, APN, DO, DMD or DDS. Generally initial education must be done by an RN and an LPN can reinforce the teaching plan designed by the RN.

I'm not sure what it is you wish to do independently. Offer dialysis/nephrology consultation or patient education? Unless I'm misunderstanding it appears to be out of a LPN scope unless you hire/contract with an RN for development of education plans & consultation/oversight.

Aside from possibly needing to contract with an RN consultant. Look at your local small business administration or women in business organizations for a mentor as you start a business

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Many years ago, when I attended a medical assistant program at a storefront trade school, it was owned by an LVN and her husband. She was the so-called 'director of education' and occasionally taught some of the medical assistant courses.


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Thank you for the info, you are appreciated. Yes, I desire to do education.


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Thank you Beachy Nurse. I do all education and then patients are referred to an RN for follow up.