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Advice Please! I have been attending a nursing program and completing the prereqs at my school and community college. I attending college 20 years ago; I am 43. The last year going to school, I have loved it! I had a 4.0 and just loved the process of learning. I recently enrolled in MCI's RN program and flunked A&P the first mod section. Embarassing. So, I am out of the RN program. Now they have offered for me to attend the LPN program. I have wanted to be a nurse for quite a while. I need some clarification. What is the major differences between LPN vs. RN in opportunity, salary, job availability. They said that the first A&P mod might not be quite as challenging. I had some bad things happen in my home life during those 5 weeks and I am hoping that contributed to the awful grade. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE. I am not getting any younger.


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Where I live the salary of an LPN is about half of that of an RN..basically to do the same things-- The only thing an LPN can't do in NY is push IV medications and hang the first bag of a blood transfusion with addition to going anywhere near a PICC line otherwise LPNS can do the same things RNs can.. job availability here is strictly composed of what is available in LTC as the hospitals have stopped hiring LPNs..I wish you the best of luck


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I recommend you ask this question to both the LPN/LVN group and an RN group. I suspect the answers you will receive will be quite different.


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Lpn vs RN. Hmmm. Ding ding ding, dong! RN$$$$$$$$$$


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There's nothing wrong with 1st starting out has a LPN and gaining exp., and eventually moving on to RN.

What about this plan: get your LPN. work for 1 yr after completing lpn program and then go bck for your rn p/t.

I have known ppl that have gaved up this option b/c they feel for some reason being a rn is the best thing ever...which it is but starting out as a lpn and getting your foot in the door is the best option. trust me!!!

Y wait to get in another rn program when they r offering u in the lpn program??? there have been so many ppl that went straight into the rn route failed and had to start all over again!!!!

good luck!!

once again there's nothing wrong with starting out has a lpn and moving towards the rn, bsn or eventually msn route if u choose to!!! u can still get to the same place!!!!!

i have a previous bachelor's but i refuse to wait on a waiting list! i plan on earning my lpn...working for 1 yr and immediately going back to school pt since i have all the pre-req's and earning my rn. i will then work for another yr has a rn and then pursue my msn since i already have a bs degree and my goal is to go into nursing administration. so basically you have to figure out your pros and cons and future goals and the best and efficient way to get your goals attained.

i live in nyc and lpn's make a very good living. i have heard of ppl that started out as lpn, gained their rn, eventually their bsn and msn. so it can be done. good luck


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An LPN license would be an advantage to you when you start applying to RN programs again. You could go the LPN to RN bridge program route, or at least get points in the application process. There is less opportunity as an LPN, but it is a nursing license. You will be able to do some of the same jobs for the most part, but for less money, as stated before. It is better to get an LPN license and work as an LPN, than to pass it by and not become a nurse at all. JMHO

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