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:devil: Im just not sure what to think about this situation with my current job so I would like some help with this! Currently im employed by a hospital and within the past few months they have implemented a new policy that LPNs cant do admissions or assessments! before this policy was in place I was doing daily assessments and admissions but an RN was to co-sign them. Now that this policy is in place LPNs carry 7-8pts(mostly 7) and the RN is to complete all admissions and daily assessments:down: The some RNs arent completing the daily assesments and will say OH just do it I trust you! But to me its not fair that I carry more patients and *SECRETLY* continue to complete the assessments and carry more patients?

Also now that we need more nurses, who does the staffing person call? All the LPNS are working overtime! I just feel like the LPNs are being used? So when I finish the RN program will I still feel the same way? HELP:nurse:


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"Thank you for your trust, but I'm not going to violate hospital policy"


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you know the way I look at it, .......it is their ( the facilities) "policy" now, and they ( the RN's) are probably getting the "bigger Bucks" , and I would say they probably don't want to get caught having you doing this for them, and NEVER do something- someone else signs their name to , or vise- versa. right?:nurse:


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dont do their work for them...if its supposed to be done by an RN, then thats who should do it...period. They are banking off your efforts...never trust people who want you to do that sorta thing. If it was found out you would probably be in more trouble than the RN.


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You should respectfully decline the request to do the work that goes against policy. Simply state that it is against the policy and that you value your job too much. Show a willingness to help your RN in other ways that do not violate your facilities policy so you can maintain a good working relationship with him or her.

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Agree with all the other responses. What I've learned in the last 6 years, is TRUST NO ONE and cover yourself. CYA is not why I got into nursing, but the way I see it is you can't make a difference in the lives of others if you don't have your license!