LPN with ST Experience


We are having difficulty finding an LPN with surgical tech experience. Aside from standard job board postings, does anyone know a good place where we can look for qualified individuals?

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So essentially you are looking for someone who has a history of two distinct professions? If you want to expand your search you'd probably need to pick one career or the other. That's not the most common combination you're going to see.

It certainly isn't common :) We definitely need an LPN, so posting a job for that is easy. But finding an LPN with surgical skills experience has been challenging. I do know that they are out there, as I've seen postings by several people who started as a surgical tech then went on to get an LPN in order to make them more "employable". Just wondering if there is a particular place/forum where individuals with this combined experience might more likely be found... Thanks!

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Look to our job board...

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What you need is a OR RN, who was trained to both scrub and circulate. LPN's are not used in the OR, and ST's are not part of the nursing pathway. Some ST's do go on to nursing school, but most who do want a career that will allow them to advance (as there is little to no room for advancement as a surgical technologist.) In most places, LPNs have a similar fate, so this is not very attractive.