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lpn seeking travel agencies

by emmyyyrayyy emmyyyrayyy (New) New

hello. I am an LPN for a little over a year, supervisor in a skilled setting located in ohio. I am looking for traveling agencies for job opps in florida. Do I go ahead and get a license there or do traveling agencies pay for that? looking for agencies with good pay, good insurance and housing included. Advice needed. (: thanks.

Many agencies will reimburse license costs but realize basically any benefit comes out of your pay. If I were in your shoes, I'd go ahead and apply for the license now to avoid any delays. Save the receipts and you may get it reimbursed.

You probably want to only consider the very largest agencies such as Cross Country, RN Network, and American Mobile for best access to skilled facilities. Most agencies get 99 percent of their job orders for RNs at acute care facilities.

Definitely shop agencies for their insurance plans. Most agency plans are poor and you might do better on the exchange. Most RN travelers will not be eligible for a subsidy based on annual income, but LVN/LPNs may qualify.

You will also want to look at tax home issues on sites like PanTravelers or TravelTax. Much of the financial benefit of travel is tax free housing, travel, and meal stipends. Those are fully taxed if you don't maintain a year round residence that you are traveling away from. For most RNs, keeping a residence (especially something low cost like a houseshare) is well worth it. For lower income travelers, it may be better to be itinerant (without a tax home) and have all your compensation taxed. Itinerant work means that wherever you are is home, thus you can never be working away from home with extra business related costs (like duplicated housing).

Especially since you are considering Florida, being itinerant may work in your favor in regards to state income tax. With a tax home, you will always owe income taxes to your work state and home state (credit given so effectively you are paying the higher of the two). Florida doesn't have a state income tax so if itinerant, that is saving you money. Travel to states with income taxes, you will have to file in each.

I would get at least another year of experience before attempting travel, but you may be able to find a company to take you. Travel nursing companies will reimburse your license if you take a job in the state they place you. Good luck in your travels.

I started traveling as an LPN this year. I have 6yrs experience & finding the right agency is definitely a work in continual process! I got lucky & started with a GREAT agency to start out traveling with (360 Healthcare Staffing). Check them out! They took care of my flight, rental car, & housing. This is why I felt it was a good company to start with. Diff agencies do things in diff ways, & either do or don't provide certain things. It's best to be FLEXIBLE & have more than 1 agency, to ensure job stability. I'm currently working with 3 agencies. Also go to TravCon 2017 in Vegas, because they give you soooo much FABULOUS info on travel nursing, & you'll meet so many nurses & agencies that can truely assist in your goal to start traveling!