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I can't believe that your facilty and/or state thinks that LPN's are educated enough to hang a bag of blood but not start an IV.

It needs to become more standardized as to what LPN/LVN's are allowed to do.

The problem is with states that think that LPN's aren't capable of doing much more than giving Tylenol and putting in foley catheters. That would never fly in Texas where LVN's enjoy a wide scope of practice.

Too many old RN's in administration need to catch up to the times.



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. I am at a loss I don't want to go back to work to a unit with half the patients have PICC lines and the RN gets mad when I tell her I have never done PICC lines before...Can any please please give me advice.

1st, I don't think the RN will get mad. If she does, what a b*&$#.

2nd, I'm sure you will dazzle them with your other skills enough to make up for the fact that you need to be taught in this one area.

3rd, its better to swallow your pride and speak up and ask for help vs harm the pt or clot up the PICC line etc.

Like most hospitals, you will be oriented and work with a nurse for at least 3 shifts to get the system down. Mention you need extra orientation in this area on day one so you can get the training before you go solo.

You will do great. :up:


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Exactly!!!! lol

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I'm in Ohio and LPN's that are IV certified can initiate the IV in a peripheral site hang electrolytes, NS etc and the second set of ATB therapy after the RN hangs the first. No PICC lines, no push meds and no blood. I had no idea Indiana allowed LPNs to do all that. I heard they hire LPNs for hospitals whereas Ohio does not except the older LPNs who were grandfathered in and worked there 20+yrs! This is surprising because I know several LPNs licensed in both states and never had to complete additional training.

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