Do anyone know what would be a good way to go back to school for RN with a full time job as a single parent?

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You can attend a state school (Community College or University) and work full-time at night with the flexibility not to work if your school schedule demands your full attention. If one full-time job is not flexible, then work two PT/PD jobs to get your full-time hours to allow for more flexibility (I did the latter and was not a nurse at the time... as a nurse I find the PT/PD jobs are not only more flexible, but provide better pay).

By the way, this is a good question, but the Case Management forum may not be the best place to post your question. That is why I am going to ask the powers-that-be move this post to a more appropriate forum to draw more responses from fellow nurses that are making the same journey with similar circumstances. Good luck to you!

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Fina a nursing home or assisted living facility that offers weekend double shifts that will enable you to have Monday through Friday to attend school and save money on childcare.